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B & C Reconditioning (Gears) Limited

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Units 3 & 4, Amesbury Business Park
London Road
County Wiltshire
England UK

About B & C Reconditioning (Gears) Limited

Slew Rings- Slew Ring Repairs - Slew Ring Reconditioning UK

Established and trading since 1967, B & C Reconditioning (Gears) Ltd provides a quality service for the Construction Industry, Quarrying, Mining, Dredging Marine, Access Platform, Port Authority, Brickworks, Steelworks and Lifting Industries.

B & C can offer a quality refurbishment on all types and makes of Slew Rings, Turning Circles, Slew Pinions, Bevel Gears, Spur Pinions and Spur Wheels, etc.

New Slew Rings can be supplied from stock or manufactured to the customer's specification.

About Us
  • B & C Reconditioning
    For over thirty years, B & C Reconditioning (Gears) Ltd has been providing a quality service to the construction, quarrying, mining, dredging, marine, access platform, port authority, brickworks, steelworks and lifting industries. B & C offers quality refurbishment on all types and makes of slew rings, turning circles, slew pinions, bevel gears, spur pinions and spur wheels.

  • Quality Assured
    B & C Reconditioning (Gears) Ltd recognises Quality Assurance as a vital and integral function in ensuring that the company supplies goods and services in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

  • Unrivalled Expertise
    B & C's highly qualified staff apply their experience and knowledge to offer the very best in reconditioning. Specialised welding techniques are carried out by approved welders. Advanced equipment is used for heat treatment, and all testing standards are in accordance with requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 2008.

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Slew Rings
  • All units are completely stripped, cleaned, and measured to determine wear and hardness tested
  • Gear teeth are inspected for wear or damage
  • New bearings are fitted on all reconditioned rings
  • Further hardness tests are carried out on completion
  • Induction hardening is carried out on raceways if required
  • All reconditioned slew rings carry a warranty
  • B & C can complete a reconditioned unit with a turnaround of only five to ten days

Large Bearings
We specialise in reconditioning large bearings up to 3.1 metres in diameter.
  • Without obligation, full-quality inspections carry a written report and advice from our experienced engineers
  • After reconditioning, all units go through our usual tests and procedures
  • All units carry a warranty after reconditioning
  • B & C has experience of slew rings for most types of machines, including dockside cranes, large excavators, tower cranes, mobile cranes, water treatment bearings and production line turntables.

Quality Reconditioning on Car Body Slew Rings
  • Removal from car body not necessary
  • Reduced downtime and man-power costs
  • A complete, economical quality service
  • Specialist car body slew ring refurbishment
  • All units go through our usual tests and procedures and carry a warranty
  • Free inspection


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B & C Reconditioning (Gears) Limited General Description

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