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Sandpitt Number 2
County Cumbria
England UK

About Esk Quarry

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Esk Sand Quarry - Faugh, Cumbria
Esk Quarry offers a range of sand types and aggregates for Construction and Agriculture across Cumbria, the North East and South West Scotland.

Sand Quarry Cumbria
Esk Quarry is an independent sand quarry in Faugh and Cumbria sand supplier. Predominantly we supply local construction companies and cement producers with various sand types and aggregates. Collection or delivery is available. For large quantities of sand, haulage is available.

Inert Waste
We now provide a facility to tip inert waste on site at Esk Quarry. If your waste qualifies (we have strict guidelines on what waste is classed as inert waste) we can accept it. Please contact us for more information on our inert waste service.

Sand Types
Esk Quarry grades the sand extracted with an extensive screening process. We produce sand to specific sand types that are suitable for a large variety of purposes.

It is likely that whatever size of project that you have, we can supply the sand.
  • Concrete Sand:
    Many companies supply concreting sand, but much of it is moved long distances - it makes more sense to choose a local Cumbrian supplier for your sand needs.

  • Building Sand:
    Building sand and fine sand are the same thing. Often building sand is used in the production of mortar for brickwork and block work.

  • Fine Sand:
    Fine sand is another name for building sand is often used in the product of mortar for bricklaying and block work.

  • As Dug Sand:
    If the grade of sand is not critical, we offer unsorted sand dug straight from the quarry. This is often more cost effective. As dug sand is an ideally suited aggregate for use as trench fill for drains and ducts.

  • Livestock Bedding Sand:
    Livestock bedding sand is fine washed sand that can be used in enclosed stock yards. The sand is both comfortable and supporting for your livestock and provides considerable cost benefits versus commercial products such as cubicare.

Top Soil
Manufactured using rich, quality organic compost and certified to BS3882:2007 standards, meaning no additional fertilising is required for the first season, our topsoil is an ideal choice for landscaping and green construction projects.

Projects with a drive to maintain environmental sustainability need not look any further. This excellent, high fertility topsoil is manufactured to have low stone, silt and clay content giving our soil a decent bulk density of 1 tonne per M3.

Due to this bulk density, you will find it takes fewer road miles to complete projects because of much more volume per load, when compared to a naturally dug soil.


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