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01889 574320
Yardley House
11 Horsefair
County Staffordshire
WS15 2EJ
England UK

About Callsafe Services Ltd


Health & Safety Policy and Procedures
Current health and safety legislation progressively demands that safety procedures and safety plans are clearly documented. To that end Callsafe Services Ltd is experienced in the preparation and development of the following:

Company Safety Policy
The Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 requires that any company that employs more than 5 people must have a written policy in respect of their health and safety. Callsafe Services Ltd. will investigate the way in which a company operates and after agreement with the management, write the policy on safety and health. In this way clients have clear ownership of the policy.

Health and Safety Procedures
Health and Safety Procedures which are tailored to the client's needs are produced so that standards of accident prevention are clearly defined, together with the machinery for their implementation.

Permits to Work
Permit to work systems are a familiar management tool used to enhance the safety of hazardous operations. Consultants can develop the permit to work system tailored to each company.

Safety Handbooks
Employees safety handbooks are used as a reference by employees who have to work to the standards defined by the safety procedures. These are produced as an extension of the safety procedures and complete the package of documentation required.

Safety Audits
Safety audits are carried out in a number of different ways and at a variety of levels within client organisations.

Management Safety Audits
Consultants will visit the client's premises and will evaluate the way in which the Company is structured with regard to the management of safety and health issues.

Workplace Inspections
Consultants visit premises as a one-off exercise or at agreed intervals in order to carry out workplace inspections in conjunction with the local management. A report is issued for action by the site management. During such visits, time is devoted to discussing future operations and assisting with the planning so that hazards can be anticipated and avoided. If required, Callsafe Services Ltd. place consultants on premises on a full time basis for both long and short term commissions.

Risk Assessments
Safety legislation requires formal assessments to be carried out in a wide variety of areas.

All assessments are presented in a way which suits the client's needs and if requested is carried out using the client's risk assessment criteria and paperwork systems.

Office Health Check
Even in high risk industries where the office environment is regarded as relatively safe and healthy, significant time is being lost due to accidents and occupational ill-health. Added to those risks is the ever present risk of fire.

Callsafe Services is experienced in conducting a wide range of audits and inspections and in steering employers towards a safe and healthy working environment.

Health and Safety for Small Contractors
This is a package designed to suit the needs of small contractors. It provides all of the elements required by small contractors relieving them of the nausea of health and safety paperwork leaving them free to run the business, whilst in no way reducing their involvement or authority.

Health and Safety for Construction Professionals
Outside of the office, the risks to construction professionals are under the control of contractors or others. This however does not relieve the management of those people of their duty to ensure their health and safety. This package for construction professionals provides the advice and support to assist in the execution of that duty.


CDM2015 and BIM Synergy

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) process requirements and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) requirements are very similar as to their needs and objectives.

If BIM systems are used on a project and they have not been integrated with the CDM2015 we will have missed a unique opportunity in the development of project, health & safety and asset management.

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) process should:
Create a common language applicable to all;
Allow decisions to be data driven via a single version of the truth;
Deliver benefits by using data and embracing efficient use of technology; and
Bring process, people and technology together.

BIM requires the following:
Employers Information Requirements (EIR);
BIM Execution Plans in response to the EIR; and
Information Delivery Table – clarifies the information to be exchanged on a project, data ownership and standards.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) requires:
Understandable information supplied to all who need it at the right time, known as the Pre-Construction Information (PCI) within CDM2015;
Effective health and safety management from conceptual design, through detailed design, tendering, construction to commissioning and handover;
Design that is performed by an integrated team, with all interfaces addressed to create a complete design that has eliminated and reduced health and safety risks to a reasonably practicable level;
Effective cooperation, coordination and communication between all of the duty holders, the client, designers, the principal designer, contractors, the principal contractor, and other stakeholders;
An effective construction health and safety management system, known as the Construction Phase Plan (CPP) within CDM2015;
Useful information provided for the future use, maintenance, repair, cleaning, modification and demolition/dismantling, known as the Health and Safety File (HSF) within CDM2015, plus the other as-built and operational and maintenance information.

An example of the synergy between the requirements of BIM and the requirements of CDM2015 is the similar requirements for the EIR and those of the PCI. The following is an amended version of the EIR requirements contained in PAS 1192-2:2013, Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling.

Employers Information Requirements (EIR)
The EIR should contain:
The levels of detail required for information management, including when information is required, from whom and in what format, this will populate the Model Production and Delivery Table;
Any specific training requirements for operating the information management system, such as familiarisation with a particular software system;
Requirements for planning and reporting on work and the managing of the modelling process, if required, and naming conventions, etc.);
How design

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Callsafe Services Ltd
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