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84 St Martins Avenue
County Kent
DA11 9LJ

About Hortistructures

Why purchase your polytunnels and canopies from HortiStructures?

  • 5 Years Guarantee on all services.
  • 10 years experience constructing polytunnels.
  • Lease finance available for schools and businesses.

Available throughout the mainland UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Whether you are looking to invest in a traditional polytunnel or a bespoke designed canopy to complement your existing infrastructure, we at HortiStructures have a large selection of cost effective polytunnels and canopies to meet your individual requirements.

Hortistructures ImageHortistructures Image
Hortistructures ImageHortistructures Image

Polytunnels form the foundation of almost every horticultural business because they offer the perfect low-cost solution to increased productivity and profit. In addition to this polytunnels are becoming more and more popular throughout a diverse range of commercial and agricultural settings. Due to their flexible bespoke design, durable yet lightweight construction and their ability to cover large areas of land at minimal cost, more and more industries are incorporating polytunnels into their infrastructure.

The advantages of polytunnels go far beyond their financial benefits. Whether you would like to keep your customers dry or your livestock cool and well ventilated, our polytunnels enable you to create the perfect microclimate to suit your business.

In recent years improvements in engineering techniques, as well as the development of new and more durable materials, has meant polytunnels and canopies have moved to the forefront of outside architectural design. We offer a large variety of both domestic and commercial polytunnels and canopies, including single and multi-spans, each ranging from 8ft - 30ft in width.

With over 10 years experience in developing and constructing these unique structures, we feel we can offer each and every one of our clients the highest quality and most advanced polytunnels available on the market today. In fact we are so confident of this we are offering all of our clients an incredible five year guarantee on all constructions, refurbishments and re-clad services.

Hortistructures ImageHortistructures Image
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