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County Antrim
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Northern Ireland
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About BPC Ventilation

Due to increased awareness of poor indoor air quality and the affects on our health caused by insulating the walls and ceilings and making our houses more airtight, BPC Ventilation was started.

Before heat recovery was widely recognised as a total solution in this country we sourced the world's leading manufacturers and started to supply and install the highest quality systems possible.

It became apparent very soon that the industry had a few problems concerning cost of installation and overall quietness and airtightness of systems. To combat this, we looked at what other countries were doing and discovered that a clear majority of systems were being installed with a manifold system consisting of a crushproof pipe to every room. This was providing a quiet and more efficient system with the added benefit of quick installation time. We had found the perfect solution but still had the issue of cost and although the systems were popular with the home builder looking for quality, the overall cost was much more than the conventional rigid duct system.

As we grew so did our buying power. Now we believe we can provide the highest quality ventilation solution from world leading companies at the lowest cost.

We now work with the world's top ventilation companies in designing, supplying and if required, installing home ventilation solutions to any worldwide location including the UK, Ireland, Europe and as far away as Australia.

There is no point buying a ventilation system without design and technical support. We have a team of trained technicians that can answer any question without having multiple call transfers between departments and our own in-house design department can design and amend an easy to follow plan.

All our systems are designed to be easily installed by any trades person or keen DIY person allowing the construction cost to be dramatically reduced and do not forget you have free technical support throughout and beyond your build with us.
  • Heat Recovery
  • MEV & Extractor Fans
  • Ducting and Accessories
  • Central Vacuum
  • Ventilation Cooling & Heating
There are four main types of ventilation systems for homes and all manufacturers will tell you theirs is the best, ask us for advice to choose the best system suitable for you.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) (HRV)
Why spend thousands of pounds trying to lower your heating costs by insulating and improving the air tightness of your home just to have the heat escape through extractor fans and window trickle vents?

With the installation of a whole house heat recovery system you will not need to install any window trickle vents or bathroom extractor fans allowing you to maintain the airtightness of your home.

This solution is known as the most efficient solution for new build houses.

A whole house heat recovery (MVHR) unit is an energy efficient ventilation system that extracts the moist, stale air from all your wet rooms and at the same time replaces it with fresh filtered air to all your habitable rooms without letting the heat escape. This results in your home being fully ventilated throughout the year with fresh, healthy air without having to constantly reheat the home due to heat loss through normally required extractor fans and window vents. We have a large range of Counter-flow units that provide the highest recovery rates and comply with all the latest building control regulations and are either listed in SAP Appendix Q or have Passive house approval.

Positive Ventilation
A Positive Ventilation unit (PIV) is normally installed in a central position in the home and gently ventilates the home by introducing filtered air from the attic or outside and forcing contaminated air out through any extractor points in the property. Bathroom extraction can be by either a DMEV fan or a MEV unit.

This solution is popular for renovations and existing housing required improved ventilation.

Mechanical Extraction Ventilation (MEV) (c-MEV)
A centralised extraction unit can extract continuously at a low rate from up to 6 bathrooms to one quiet unit in the attic or cupboard simultaneously drawing out polluted and moisture laden air. The air can be replaced by window trickle ventilation or Positive Ventilation unit (PIV).

This solution is ideal with the use of a positive ventilation system.

In combination with our exceptional ventilation product range we also offer a comprehensive range of Central Vacuum systems via our website, that will provide a quiet and powerfully built in vacuum system.



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