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The Belt Co Ltd

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Daniel Mcmaster
PO Box 1166
County Yorkshire
England UK

About The Belt Co Ltd

We cover every aspect of PVC & Pu conveyor Belting. All type of Transmission Belts. All Type of Rubber conveying belting.

Sometimes, smooth belts or belts with a low profiled surface are not enough to carry slippery or bulky materials up step inclines. In theses cases, profiles of different heights and shapes depending on the types of products can be welded on the belt to prevent material from falling back and in maintaining conveying capacity even at very high angles of inclination. The Belt Company has designed and developed a range of profiles which meet normal inclined conveying requirements with a wide range of possible applications.

The choice of profile, as well as the right spacing and positioning, is determined by a thorough analysis of the conveying problem. Although it may be possible in some cases to calculate the theoretical conveyor capacity, we advise you to contact our technical department to obtain full assistance.

Our profiles and belt covers are made of the same high quality PCV, PU and Polyolefin.

Square, rectangular and tracking profiles can be fitted longitudinally on both belt surfaces. Notched tracking profiles allow for smaller drum diameters. Each profile has been designed to satisfy the possible working conditions. New profiles have been developed, in particular for running on the small drum diameters in the food industry.

Transmission Belts
Products expressively developed to be used in those industrial sectors where characteristics like good flexibility, conductivity and quick jointing are requested. The materials used to prepare the traction cores and the covers are the result of selections and improvements that, since many years, characterize the production philosophy of The Belt Company.

The product of this series finds their applications as light conveyors in various sectors like graphic arts, bindery, electronic industry, and packaging industry. The characteristics of each product were studies to fully satisfy the requirements of specific applications by using different covers like elastomers, thermoplastic compounds polyamide or polyester fabrics, or adopting different traction cores according to the higher or lower level stresses to which they undergo.

Over the past few decades, power transition flat belts produced by The Belt Company went through an evolution such to make them suitable to satisfy the various tasks for which they were conceived. The raw materials constituting the traction core are the result of studies and researches that permitted to reach excellent results in both in terms of yield and reliability.

The same can be said about the materials constituting the adherence covers: in fact every field of the industry can find the right type of belt within the range of The Belt Company Products.


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