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Davinder Sangha
Crowther Road

About Schiedel Chimney Systems

Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd is the leading flue and chimney manufacturer in the UK and a world brand. We strongly believe in providing innovative and tailor-made solutions that are future-proof and energy efficient for customers.

We have been manufacturing the Rite Vent brand of steel products at our plant in Washington, Tyne & Wear for 50 years, and distributing our ISOKERN brand of pumice products for over 25 years from our distribution centre at Poole, Dorset. Our ceramic range is distributed from our office in Coalisland, Northern Ireland.

Our products are known for their performance and are approved for use in any eco-design houses and Passivhaus.

Primary Heating: Boilers (Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel and Biomass)
Primary heating is the main central heating system of the building, which may or may not also provide hot water, as well as space heating for the building.

Typical examples in the residential market would be gas or oil condensing boilers, solid-fuel boilers or biomass boilers.

Typical examples in the non-residential market would be gas or oil condensing boilers, CHP units or biomass boilers.

Secondary Heating: Stoves ,Pellet Stoves , Gas Fires (Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel and Biomass)
Secondary heating is space heating for an individual room, which can be used as comfort heating in addition, or as an alternative, to central heating. Typical examples would be a stove, gas fire or pellet stove.

Commercial Application
Schiedel Rite Vent is the leading supplier of prefabricated chimney systems in Europe with the widest choice of flue and chimney products. Schiedel is at the forefront in the product and service innovation with system and solutions that are reliable, innovative and cost effective. Both in private and public sector Schiedel Rite Vent has unrivalled experience that can be relied on for industrial chimney systems and chimney solution for domestic boiler. Schiedel Rite Vent provides you with a solution whatever the scale or nature of the project - from chimneys to exhaust and venting systems or may it be a small commercial installation to a large industrial application.

Established for over 50 years, we have a holistic approach towards chimneys. Whether it’s a multi-flue chimney, a fan dilution system or a generator exhaust, we have a product to suit every commercial or industrial application.

Services We Offer:
  • Understanding your requirements
  • System Design & Specifications
  • Pricing
  • On-site installation
  • Aftersales support
  • Additional support
Schiedel Steel System Chimneys
Schiedel Rite Vent has the widest range of flues for use with residential boilers, stove, cooker and open fires. The range covers single wall, twin wall, flexible liners and flue boxes, in diameters from 75 mm to 300 mm. There are options for oil, gas, wood and solid fuel.

Schiedel Ceramic System Chimneys
Schiedel have invested in the latest production technology and are proud to introduce a new range of high performance rebated ceramic flue liners, which are fully CE tested and approved, and are fully compatible with the increasingly efficient modern appliances, as well as meeting the more traditional soot fire requirements.

Schiedel has sourced the finest raw materials, blended in a unique formula to give a unique combination of temperature resistance and strength.

Schiedel Pumice System Chimneys
Pumice is a natural insulator; this is the unique property that separates pumice from all other chimney material. Schiedel Isokern is noteworthy for its flue and chimney products manufactured using high-quality pumice which is recognised throughout Europe and USA.

The Natural Properties of Pumice:
  • High Insulation Properties
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to temperature change
Schiedel Additional Ranges
Schiedel have products which combine lifestyle with energy efficiency. The Garden Fireplace enhances outdoor living, while the Opus ScanFire provided a stunning, minimalistic focal point for any room.

Protect Box and Ignis Protect are designed in order to meet the latest European building regulations, which means specific leakage and performance criteria have to be met. These criteria are key in relation to chimney products passing through combustible walls.




Schiedel are all ‘fired up’ after renewing the certification for all the clay ceramic chimney systems in the Swift range, including the energy saving Swift Air model.

Click here to learn more about Schiedel’s Ceramic range. For telephone enquiries about this product, please call our Northern Ireland and ROI office on +44 28 87 740436.

Ecological building is only successful if architecture and building physics are already coordinated in the planning phase. The chimney, as an integral part of a heating system, is considered to be an essential element of energy-saving building technology. As the undisputed number one in chimney systems, we offer unique, highly energy-efficient clay chimney products made of ceramic, passively honed for new construction.

A perfectly matched system is the best solution for every building. Swift chimney systems can be installed to facilitate both single and back-to-back homes. The energy-efficient Schiedel Air System is considered to be the standard chimney in modern building. It meets all energetic demands of a modern chimney system and helps to save energy costs.

The renewal of:

EN:13063:1 Dry Systems
EN:13063:2 Wet systems
EN:13063:3 Room Sealed appliances
…ensures Schiedel stay ahead of competitors in providing solutions for all types of chimney applications.

A superb example of Schiedel’s Award Winning Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section, recently installed on a free standing Termatech TT40R wood burning stove into a large conservatory atrium.

This stove and Schiedel ICID twin wall insulated flue pipe system was supplied by Natural Heating – Attleborough / Norfolk and fitted by local installer, Martin Lancaster

Our new ICID Plus Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section is an easy and quick way of disconnecting a stove for inspection, as well as being very easy to install.

It’s innovation has been recognised, as it is now an award winning product, having won the Best Flueing and Ventilation Product at Hearth and Home.

It’s exceptionally easy to install. The process involves inserting a male spigot of the liner into the appliance spigot, sealing it, insulating it and then simply sliding down the case to cover the stove spigot. Removal for servicing and re-installation is just as easy and is the reverse.

We have a range of detailed Installation Instructions for our Product Range.

Prima Plus Installation Instructions
ICID Installation Instructions
Flex Liners / Flue Boxes Installation Instructions
ICS Installation Instructions
Prima Smooth Installation

We have introduced a new 135° Adjustable Long Tee to the ICID range. It’s designed so that it’s easy for installers working through deep walls. As with all the ICID range, this comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Please feel free to download the data sheet, but don’t hesitate to contact us on 0191 4161150 or email for any more information.

Available in plain or painted
316L Stainless steel liner
Lifetime Guarantee
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