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Unit 7, Beacon Industrial Estate
Weston Road
County Staffordshire
ST18 0DG
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09:00 am-05:00 pm
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About Scell-it UK Ltd

Scell-it® UK Ltd are suppliers of an extensive range of quality Construction Fixings, Rivets, Rivnuts and Setting Tools at competitive prices to the building trade.

A large well-stocked warehouse based centrally in the UK is backed up by our Scell-it® group overseas partners with three more warehouse locations across European containing over 4 million pounds worth of stock. This allow us to provide a quick and reliable next day delivery service*.

Scell-it® UK Ltd are part of a larger European group formed in 1988 which provides specialist knowledge and has created many new products exclusive to the Scell-it® brand.

Our latest developments have enabled us to introduce into the marketplace some very diverse products, such as a battery powered range, a metal-free screw-nail anchor, a reinforced Nylon nail, a metal screw anchor for hollow partition walls and low break force technology for stainless rivets.
Well trained and experienced sales staff, comprehensive data sheets and calculation software are all available to provide support and help.

Sanitary Fixings
  • Clamps
  • Double Thread Screws
  • Connectors
  • Accessories
  • Kit For Mechanical Fixings
  • Kit For Chemical Fixings
  • Metal Screws
  • Wood Screws
  • Plaster Screws
  • Aluminum Screws
  • Screws For Window Frames
  • Accessories

Mechanical Fixings
  • Heavy Duty Anchors
  • Light Fixings
  • Pinces À Expansion
  • Anchors For Suspended Ceiling
  • Insulation Fixings
  • Screw Drivers
  • Drilling Machines
  • Hammers
  • Grinders
  • Other Products

Chemical Fixings
  • Chemical Resins
  • Caulking Guns
  • Threads And Accessories
Electrical Fixings
  • Cable Ties And Accessories
  • Manual Fixings
  • Earth Rod And Protective Earth

Blind Rivets
  • Blind Rivets, Structural Rivets
  • Pins And Collars
  • Tools For Blind Rivets
Blind Nuts
  • Nuts
  • Tools For Nuts

  • Nails

For more information please feel free to Contact us!

*Subject to location.


Revolutionary new Resin Injection Gun

Finally available in the UK – our new revolutionary resin injection gun is set to change how easy it is to extrude resin without battery power.
The ‘Easy Push’ injection gun is cleverly geared to enhance the amount of pressure exerted by the operator during use by 20 times.
As well as it’s ‘less effort – less pressure’ feature, the tool has a gripping area under the cradle of the cartridge to allow precision during application, a repositioning of the traditional release trigger for one-handed use and added protection on the hand grip.

The real advantage of the ‘EASY PUSH’ is how easy it is to extract resin without getting hand fatigue. The clever internal mechanism takes a very easy trigger squeeze and multiplies it through to the pushing power on the resin. This means more applications can be set in less time with less rest breaks needed in between.

Once a user has experienced the comfort and ease of the Easy Push they will find it hard to go back to standard manual guns again. Watch our YouTube video comparing the Easy Push to a standard manual resin gun and see the difference

For more information go to or call 01785 246539 / email:
Unique ‘2 in 1’ Rivet setting tool

Although Scell-it UK have built a strong reputation of being one of the biggest distributors of rivets and rivnuts, they are also known for supplying a wide range of construction fixings and setting tools. All of these products are constantly being examined by their Research and Development department for improvements and redesigns, and some of their best creative ideas have resulted in a ‘first of their kind’ in the industry.
One of their latest creations is a unique ‘2 in 1’ setting tool called the MULTI-100. This rivet setting hand plier differs from others available on the market in its ability to set both blind rivets and blind rivnuts.
In ‘rivnut mode’ a wide range of rivnuts can be set – including M3, M4, M5 and M6, in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel.
A quick change of nosepiece and adapters converts the tool into ‘rivet mode’. This allows setting of a comprehensive range of rivets – including ø2.4/3(32”), ø3.0/3.2(1/8”), ø4.0/5(32”) and ø4.8/5.0(3/16”).
This adapter change operation is quick, easy and takes less than a minute to perform and is detailed in an instruction sheet provided. As proof of this quick and easy change - a demonstration video is available online which shows the timing of an adapter change in under ‘thirty seconds’!
The hand pliers feature easy grip handles, a secure clip and are branded in the familiar Scell-it blue and black. The tool comes complete with all mandrels, anvils and nosepieces and a handy spanner to change the adaptors. All this is contained in a specially designed robust toolbox that keeps it all organised and to hand.
Gary Moseley, Scell-it UK MD says: “The tool is typical of the innovative thinking of our French Research and Development department and we hope it will prove a useful and unique setting tool in the tool kit of professionals.”
The ‘MULTI-100’ is now available in both in the UK and across Europe, and is part of a wide range of setting tools that can be found at
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Name Role Email Telephone
Gary Moseley Managing Director 01785 246539
Ian Roberts General Manager 01785 246539

Scell-it UK Ltd General Description

Scell-it® UK Ltd are suppliers of an extensive range of quality Construction Fixings, Rivets, Rivnuts and Setting Tools at competitive prices to the building trade.
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