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33 Dippol Crescent
County Ayrshire
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About Cotec Protective Coatings

Over the years, without proper maintenance, driveways will gradually deteriorate. The general appearance of the driveway becomes untidy, and the longer it is left, the worse the problem becomes. Cotec can rejuvenate your driveway, whether it is Block Paving, Tarmacadam or Imprinted Concrete. The process differs for the specific substrate, but no matter the driveway type, Cotec always delivers A Quality Finish Every Time.

Monoblock Cleaning & Sealing Ayrshire
Cotec Protective Coatings have been rejuvenating block paving driveways for many years, returning them to that new-look appearance. Cotec’s driveway cleaning equipment is all commercial quality, ensuring the best level of cleaning possible. However, if you just want to clean your driveway without re-sanding it, then it can be soft washed (chemical clean), which will clean the driveway without removing all the sand.

The mechanical driveway cleaning is by rotary machine or a turbo lance, which removes the contamination and some of the surface sand to a depth of about one inch. The block is then rinsed after driveway cleaning, to remove any residual sand, and followed by a application of biocide, and the driveway is now left to dry. Once the driveway is dry, which normally takes a minimum of one to two days dependent on the temperature, it is brushed with KILN dried sand, or it can be brushed with moisture cure sand if you do not wish to seal the driveway. The final step is optional but recommended in the driveway rejuvenation, and it is the application of two coats of Premium Block Paving Sealer, available in Matt Silk or Gloss.

  • Reduces sand loss from joints
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Ultra-violet light and weather resistant
  • Inhibits the growth of moss and weeds
  • Enhances the colour of the paving
  • Facilitates the easy removal of oil, and other contamination will not blister or peel
Block Paving Sealer
The selection of Block Paving Sealer is very important: that’s why Cotec use Smartseal Premium Block Sealer, knowing that this quality product will protect your driveway for years to come.

BS5750/ISO9000 Quality Approved Block Paving Sealer
Will not blister or peel through, durable and hard wearing, ultra-violet and weather resistant.

Block Paving Oil Removal
Oil removal from your drive is accomplished by using a biological and bacterial agent to digest the oil stain. This new bio-degradable approach to the removal of oil stains from block paving driveway gives outstanding results.

German UBA (3406-0001); Separator Friendly; UK-Environmental Agency reports on the bacteria used in this product - Environmentally acceptable chemical; Meets pr EN 858.

Monoblock Cleaning & Sealing, Ayrshire
The installation of Block Magic returns your driveway to that new-look appearance again. Quicker and cheaper than having new block paving laid. If the driveway is worn, it can be coated with Block Magic or Restore-A-Drive to rejuvenate the drive.

Block Magic Sealer has been designed to colour seal the surface of the paving, to improve the aesthetic appearance of blocks, and provide a barrier to contaminants, thereby facilitating easy maintenance. This sealed surface will increase abrasion resistance and also protect the jointing sand from erosion and weed infestation.

Tarmacadam Driveways, Ayrshire
Tarmaseal is a high-quality acrylic water-based pigmented tarmac restorer. Tarmaseal not only transforms the surface, it also replaces lost resins and colour from tarmac. Once applied, the tarmac surface will be protected, re-coloured and restored. If a top-up coat of Tarmaseal is applied every few years, it will stay in good condition for years.

Tarmaseal features and benefits:
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Uniform finish to repaired or previously laid tarmac
  • Totally restores colour loss from tarmac
  • Durable, long-term restoration product
  • Easy re-application when required
  • Covers stains, spills and concrete residue
  • Minimises and makes future maintenance far easier
  • Reduces ‘stone loss’ and ‘fretting’
  • Waterproofs, seals and protects asphalt and tarmac
  • Resistant to staining
  • Vastly superior to artificial-looking tarmac ‘paint’
  • Restricts moss and algae
Imprinted Concrete Driveways, Ayrshire
The cleaning and sealing of imprinted concrete driveways protects the concrete by providing a protective wear coat. Sealing your driveway will prevent contaminates such as oil or petrol, and minimise the growth of algae and moss. If you have pattern imprinted concrete, you should always ensure that the driveway is sealed every three to five years to keep it looking at its best.


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