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Brunel Drive
County Nottinghamshire
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If External Security Is Your Concern Look No Further Than Newgate
Our cost effective and reliable security gates, barriers, turnstiles, pedestrian gates and car parking/traffic control equipment perfectly suit commercial, public or private premises. Browse our comprehensive selection of security gates, gate automation equipment, security barriers and road blockers to find the ideal solution for your needs.


Barriers - Challenger and Heavy Duty Barriers
Newgate have been designing, manufacturing and installing automatic traffic barriers for almost 30 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience makes us one of the Uk's market leaders in our field. When selecting a barrier do not compromise on quality or value for money. Talk to us first.

Both our "Challenger" and "Heavy Duty" barriers are british designed & built and road tested in excess of 1 million operations. They use our proven motor, gearbox and inverter drive system, which has been copied by many, but never surpassed. BS6571 and CE Approved.

Manual & Electric Swing Gates
Some of the best engineered and robust gates in the industry. Don’t come to Newgate if you want 'cheap farm gates', we do not do them. All steel constructed using substantial RHS sections. Industrial bearing hinges, proven drive units, three coat paint treatment and state of the art electronics.

Our gates are not 'off the shelf', they are designed and built in-house to suit your exact requirements. Your choice of span, height, infill, colour and accessories. Our experience and expertise will deliver this.

Manual & Electric Sliding Gates
Some of the best engineered and robust gates in the industry. Available in either cantilevered or tracked configurations, with both styles utilising substantial steel RHS sections, industrial rollers, three coat paint treatment, proven motor gearbox drive units and state of the art electronics.

Now you are talking about some of the best gates in the industry! Tried, tested, proven, safety aware and reliable, these are the qualities of our gates. They are usually custom built to your exact size, height, infill, finish, control and price. Fully compliant with Latest Industry Standards (BS EN 12453) and more besides. Yet again, Newgate’s own 100% duty rated motor/gearbox drive unit and invertor logic is used as standard, ensuring reliability and British engineering at its best.

Newgate Pedestrian Gates
Custom designed & built and available in three options. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. From the simple shootbolt and padlock type, to the "fully loaded" drive ram, electric lock, safety edge and photo cell type. Your choice. All styles are fully health & safety compliant and are designed to be totally user friendly by all manner of personnel.

Newgates pedestrian gates are designed and built no less rugged than our swing or sliding gates. Using substantial steel RHS sections, industrial hinges, three coat paint treatment and safety systems to the latest industry standards, we aim to deliver a reliable and long lasting product. Customise your own gate. Your size, your infill, your colour and your accessories.

Drive Units
Newgate’s proven motor and gearbox drive unit. It’s back again! Newgate’s proven motor and gearbox drive unit. Does your drive unit conform to BS EN 12453? Can you alter the speed, add a soft start or soft finish, control the travel using proximity switches, and be guaranteed a 100% duty cycle? Manual operation is included as standard.

Newgate drive units will give you the assurance of a British designed, well engineered, substantially built and smooth & quiet unit that will work all day, every day.

Road Blockers/Rising Kerbs
'The Ultimate Deterrent' These will stop any potential intruder in their tracks. Can be used in manned and un-manned installations with total confidence. Strong durable, reliable, secure. What else do you need?

British designed and manufactured, from the most robust steel box sections and fully compliant with BS6571 Pt 4. Controlled via a powerful hydraulic pump and drive ram system, under the control of its own PLC. Newgate’s kerbs/blockers are available in two grades, 3 tonne and 12 tonne, and six sizes, and are all finished in a galvanised and fully painted environmental protection system.

Available in three styles. Newgate’s full height turnstile is supplied in either a single or twin rotor configuration. Our third turnstile is a half height tripod model. All units are provided in a powder coated (to your choice of colour) or stainless steel finish. Accessories such as canopy, downlighting and fire alarm override are all available, to suit each turnstile, as applicable.

Access Control
Newgate stock a comprehensive range of access control technology including card readers, keypads and intercoms for car park security barriers, sliding gates and turnstiles.

Service & Repair
As skilled engineers, who design and manufacture, Newgate are the best people to have your car park barriers, sliding and swing gates, road blockers and turnstiles repaired and serviced.

For more information, please Contact Us!


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