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Mudfords Ltd

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01924 291725
400 Petre Street
County South Yorkshire
S4 8LU
England Uk
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08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

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About Mudfords Ltd

Suppliers to Industry, Transport and Construction
Mudfords was founded in 1832 by John Mudford, who set up in business as a rope maker. The firm continued to thrive under the successive members of the family’s management.

From the early days of making rope from hand-spun hemp, Mudfords now manufactures and merchants a large range of industrial textile products. Our range includes purpose-made covers, tarpaulins, lifting slings, protective clothing and safety and janitorial products for general industrial use.

For the transport industry, we supply sheets, covers, side curtains, nets and load-restraint equipment, and for the construction industry, weather-protection systems, general-purpose sheets, frost-protection covering and fall-arrest equipment.

At Mudfords we understand that a successful business relies ultimately on the satisfaction of our customers, and we aim to supply a straight-forward, no-nonsense service, together with a wide range of modern, quality products at competitive prices.

Tarpaulins and Nets
Mudfords Limited has been one of the UK’s principal tarpaulin suppliers since 1832. As well as supplying tarpaulins and tarpaulin accessories, we supply polythene sheets and various types of waterproof protection.

Having been established for over 175 years, we are always improving our products, and provide dependable services and great value for money.

Our exclusive range of tarpaulins include the tough Tuff Tarp Tarpaulin, which are commonly used as “fly sheets” over larger canvas sheets, the great-value Economy Tarpaulin 80gsm, which can be used for garden furniture, general industry, haystacks and mechanical equipment, and our Heavy Duty Tex Tarpaulin, which is 60% heavier than standard polyethylene sheets, and has a hot welded corded hem with eyelets all round.

Lifting & Restraint
The Mudfords lifting equipment has capacities capable of holding weight up to 10 tonnes, from lifting just a few kilos, right through to general site and manual-handling equipment. Webbing (Duplex) Slings are manufactured to BSEN 1492 - 1:2000 from 100% polyester webbing.

Round slings are made from 100% polyester filling, protected by tough-woven polyester tubular cover. Manufactured to BSEN 1492 - 2:2000. All slings are individually labelled, stating sling number, size, and come with a certificate and use and care instructions. Colour coded to indicate the safe working load of sling.

Rope and Cord
Specialising in Rope and Cord since 1832. Mudfords has come a long way from the early days of making rope from hand-spun hemp, and now manufactures or merchants every kind of industrial textile product, from natural fibre ropes such as cotton, manila, sisal and hemp, to man-made ropes: nylon, polyester, polypropylene and synthetic hemp.

PPE and Workwear
Dress your workers properly with our huge range of hard-wearing, comfortable and safety compliant PPE and workwear – we've got clothing for all industries. Ear protection include the EM20, EMH5 and EP106 ear muffs. Great for reducing noise and protecting the user's ears.

Eye-protection glasses and goggles are great for keeping workers eyes safe from flying bits of debris and sparks. Yellow lenses are available with the Java Safety glasses. Fall-arrest lanyards and harnesses are high quality. A full kit comprising of a harness, a lanyard and a bag is available for purchase. Our footwear includes many popular workwear brands, such as JCB, Caterpillar, PSF, Timberland and many more. View our range online today!

Mudfords Campbell Steel Chain is a great choice for lifting equipment and great lifting chain. The pipe lagging rolls are efficient pipe insulators that we provide, from our wide range of frost-protection Hessian Sacks and Rolls (burlap), and Frost Foam.

Hessian Bags and plastic bags, such as IBC and polypropylene sandbags, are also available. Dust sheets and Rayon dust sheets are available in various sizes. The cotton dust sheets are mostly used by decorators when painting.

From bags to ties, to tubing and cardboard – our industrial packaging products ensure safe packing and handling of your materials. The bags that we offer include red asbestos bags for the safe removal of asbestos. Clear polythene bags are also another top seller, as they are used for general day-to-day needs. The polythene bags come in three gauges: 450, 500 and 1000.

You can tie the bags with cable ties, and/or you can use wire ties along with the wire tying tool to secure many objects. Small cotton, sisal and polypropylene twine rolls are available. Use these for tying the bags or for general applications.

Janitorial cleaning products are a janitor's best friend. Industrial wipes, brushes, spill kits and more! Buy online today! Get everything a janitor could ever need - cleaning materials, spill kits, brushes, wipes and more from our fantastic janitorial range!

Stuart Canvas Cricket
Stuart Canvas provides various cricket-related products to cricket grounds and schools across the UK. Trusted UK supplier. Request a quote today!

For more information, please contact us!



Products & Services

Window Cleaning Blades

Window Cleaning Applicator

Window Cleaners Scrim

Window Cleaners Bucket

Window Applicator Zebra Pad

Sqeegee Handle

Sqeegee Blade

Bucket on a Belt

Oil Spill Roll (Perforated 2 Pack)

Oil Spill Pads Heavy Duty 40x50 (2 x 100)

Oil Spill Kit Socks Absorbs 3 Litres (Pack 40)

Oil Spill Kit 20 Ltrs

Oil Spill Kit 50 Ltrs

Oil Spill Kit 120 Ltrs

Toilet Rolls

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls

Jumbo Toilet Rolls

Hand Towels Blue

Centrefeed Roll White

Centrefeed Roll Blue

Wonder Wipes

Blue Spot

Blue/White Spot

Brown Spot


Dark Coloured Hosiery

Gold Spot

Green Spot

Light Cotton Hosiery

New Bleached White Hosiery

Red Spot

Red/White Spot

Roller Towels

Silver Spot

White Interlock

White Spot

Black Spot

Ropeman Washing Up Liquid

Ropeman Thick Bleach

Ropeman Pine Disinfectant

Ropeman Pearl Soap

Ropeman Heavy Duty Degreasing Liquid

Ropeman Beaded Soap

Bassine Broom

Coco Platform Broom

Scavenger Broom

Natural Coco Hand Brush

Coco Brush

Bassine Hand Brush

Sisal Twine

Polypropylene Twine

Cotton Twine

Polypropylene Tubing

Stretch Wrap

Bubble Wrap - 1500mm x 100m

Kraft Paper

Corrugated Cardboard

Wire Ties

Wire Tying Tool

Cable Ties

Jute Scrim

Snow Shovel

Winter Grit

Grit Bin

Wheelbarrow 16 Gauge c/w Pneumatic Tyre

Sack Truck

Folding Sack Truck

Welded Round Long Link Chain 7.00mm (26)

Campbell Chain 6mm x 42mm x 24mm (28m)

Campbell Chain 5mm x 35mm x 20mm (32m)

Campbell Chain 4mm x 32mm x 16mm (58m)

Campbell Chain 3mm x 26mm x 12mm (60m)

Campbell Chain 2mm x 22mm x 8mm (60m)

Fire Retardant Scaffold Sheeting

Scaffold Sheeting

Skip Lights LED Side Mount

Scaffolding Safety LED Lights Vertical Mount

Polypropylene Sandbag White

Polypropylene Sandbag Heavy Duty Black

Hessian Sandbag Rotproof

Hessian Sandbag

Bulk Bag IBC Polypropylene

Pipe Lagging Flat 100mm x 7.3m

28mm Pipe Sleeving and Lagging

22mm Pipe Sleeving and Lagging

Frost Blanket

Concrete Curing Blanket - Frost Mat 3 x 9

Hessian Roll 72"

Rayon Dust Sheet

Cotton Twill Dust Sheets

Lee Cooper T Shirt Grey

Lee Cooper Graphic Hoodie

Lee Cooper Brown Mid Cut Boot

Lee Cooper Bonded Fleece Hoodie

Lee Cooper Black Mid Cut Boot

Lee Cooper Black Cargo Trousers

Lee Cooper Black Cargo Multi Pocket Trouser

Composite Fur Lined Thor Boot

Crew Neck T-Shirts

Polo T-Shirts

Workwear Knee Pads

BIZ1 Boiler Suit

BIZ5 Boiler Suit

Blue Boiler Suit

Everest Fleece


Black Cargo Trousers Pentland

Baratec Trousers

TR10 Driver Trousers

Texo Contrast Jacket Lined

Texo Contrast Trouser Lined

Portwest Texo Contrast Rain Jacket

Texo Heavy 2 Tone Fleece

Extreme Cold Weather Sock

Wintershield Glove

Granite Trouser

Weatherking Jacket

Steel Jacket

3M Dust and Mist Respirator 8810 (Pack of 20)

3M Fume Mask 8835 (Pack of 5)

Flat Fold Mask UC-PV3 (Pack of 10)

Valved Dust Mask UC-P2V (Pack of 20)

FFP3 Valved Dust Mist Fume Respirator (Pack of 10)

FFP2 Valved Dust Mist Respirator (Pack of 10)

FFP1 Valved Dust Mist Respirator (Pack of 10)

FFP2 Valved Dust Mist Fold Flat Respirator (Pack of 20)

FFP1 Dust Mist Dolomite Respirator (Pack of 20)

FFP2 Valved Dolomote Respirator (Pack of 10)

FFP2 Carbon Valved Dust Mist Fume Respirator (Pack of 10)

FFP2 Carbon Valved Domomite Respirator (Pack of 10)

FFP2 Dust Mist Fold Flat Respirator (Pack of 20)

FFP3 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pack of 10)

Dust Mask (Pack of 50)

FFP1 Dust Mist Respirator (Pack of 20)

FFP1 Dust Mist Dolomite Respirator (Pack of 20)

FFP2 Dust Mist Respirator (Pack of 20)

Auckland Half Mask

Hi Vis Childs Waistcoat

Hi Vis British Rail Waistcoat

Hi Vis Jerkin Long Sleeved

Hi Vis Executive Waistcoat

Hi Vis Polo Shirt

Hi Vis T Shirt

Hi Vis Hooded Top

Hi Vis 4 in 1 Jacket

Hi Vis Padded Jacket

Hi Vis Two Tone Jacket

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis Bomber Jacket

Hi Vis Waistcoat

Hi Vis Bump Cap

Endurance Comfort Helmet

Endurance Safety Helmet

Endurance Visor Helmet

Browguard with Clear Visor

PPE Protection Kit

Browguard with Mesh Visor

Replacement Mesh Visor

Face Shield Plus

Vent Cool Bump Cap

Bump Cap

Hyflex Nitrile Gloves

Hide Drivers Gloves

Grippa Gloves

Green Lined Welders Gauntlet Gloves

Foam Nylon Nitrile Gloves

Furniture Hide Rigger Gloves

Double Dipped Gloves

Criss Cross Gloves

Cotton Chrome Gloves

Latex Disposable Gloves

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Nitrile Flock Lined Glove

Vinyl Disposable Glove Power Free

Superior Welders Gauntlet Gloves

Stockinette Gloves

Standard Rigger Gloves

Rigger Gloves S5

Red PVC Gloves

Red PVC Gauntlet Gloves

Predator Rigger Gloves

Polka Dot Gloves

JCB 4x4/T

JCB 4x4/H

JCB 4x4/B



Food Industry H522

Food Industry D222

Food Industry B442

Eurotec 716NMP

Eurotec 715NMP

Eurotec 710



PSF Executive 89381

PSF Executive 89380

PSF Executive 76SM

JCB Workmax/B

JCB Trekker/B

JCB Trackpro/T

JCB Trackpro/B

JCB Hydromaster/B

JCB F/Track/H

JCB F/Track/B

JCB Agmaster/T

Eurotec 706SM

Dr Martens 772SM

Dr Martens 771SM

Contractor 160

Cofra Welder

Cofra Throw

Cofra New Hurricane

Cofra Modigliani

Caterpillar Moor

Caterpillar Holton/T

Caterpillar Holton/H

Caterpillar Holton/B

Caterpillar Brode

Contractor 800

Contractor 802SM

Contractor 803SM

Dr Martens 770SM

Dr Martens 750

Dr Martens 63

Dr Martens 113B

Contractor 812SM

Contractor 811SM

Contractor 810

Contractor 809

Contractor 806SM

Contractor 804SM

Food Industry P322

Cheetah Navy

Ladies 330

Worktough 72SM

Worktough 72SM

Worktough 201SM

Worktough 118SM

Worktough 106SM

Worktough 105SM

Worktough 101SM

Worktough 100

U Power Venice

Ladies 332

Ladies 338SM

Ladies 339SM

Jaguar Brown

Jaguar Honey

Panther Brown

Panther Honey

D102SM Green Safety Wellingtons

D100SM Black Safety Wellingtons

Ladies Kitson/H

Ladies Alice

Ladies 340

U Power Terranova

U Power Scuro Grip

U Power Reptile

PSF Outback 847SM

PSF Outback 846SM

PSF Outback 844SM

PSF Outback 608SM

PSF Executive S80SM

PSF Executive S80

PSF Executive S75SM

PSF Executive S75

PSF Executive S55

PSF Executive S46

PSF Executive S207

PSF Strata 520SM

PSF Strata 522SM

U Power Real

U Power Nero Grip

PSF Terrain 985NMP

PSF Terrain 980NMP

PSF Terrain 946NMT

PSF Terrain 795NMP

PSF Terrain 785NMP

PSF Terrain 755NMP

PSF Strata 527SM

PSF Strata 526SM

PSF Strata 524SM

Statuary First Aid 1-10 Employees

Eye Wash Station

Web Fall Arrest Block

Wire Hook Anchorage Connector

12mm Detachable Rope Grab

Fall Arrest Hi-Vis Vest

Stop Trauma Straps

Self Lock Carabiner

Self Retract Lifeline


Rope Fall Arrest Block

Scaffolding Harness and Lanyard Kit

Restraint Lanyard Adjustable RL150


Chunkie 175 Scaffold Hook

Chunkie 175 Adjustable

Britannia (2000) Harness

Low Level Fall Arrest Kit

Construction Kit

Scaffolding Kit

Fall Arrest Kit

Restraint Kit

Industrial Kit

30m Ascending/Descending Kit

15m Vertical Descent Kit

10m Roofing Kit

Static Rope

Tool Lanyard

Webbing Lanyard With Shock Absorber

Single Lanyard With Shock Absorber

Single Lanyard

Double Lanyard With Shock Absorber

Double Lanyard Webbing With Shock Absorber

Double Lanyard Elasticated With Shock Absorber

Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

3 Point Harness Comfort Plus

2 Point Harness Plus

2 Point Harness Comfort Plus

2 Point Harness Comfort

2 Point Harness

1 Point Harness

Front & Rear Harness

Work Positioning Belt

Bold Pro Spectacle

Pan View Spectacle

Direct Vent Goggle

Challenger Goggle Indirect

Classic Safety Eye Screen

EP106 Ear Muffs

EMH5 Ear Muffs

EM20 Ear Muffs

Replacement Pods

Banded Ear Plug

Reusable Banded Ear Plugs

Reusable TPE Corded Ear Plug

Reusable TPE Ear Plug (Pack Quantity 50)

Food Detectable Ear Plug (Pack Quantity 50)

Food Detectable PU Foam Ear Plug

Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack

Ear Plug Dispenser

Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs)

PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs)

Super Ear Protector

Endurance HV Ear Protector

Clip-on Ear Protector

Clip-on HV Ear Protector

Super HV Ear Protector

Classic HV Ear Protector

Endurance Clip-On Ear Protector

Classic Ear Protector

Curtainsider - Truck Curtains

Strip Curtain

Trailer Cover

Train Cover Sheet for Painting and Repairs

Welding Screen 6 x 6

White Felt

Workmans Tent Shelter

Football Shirt Printing

Cricket Sight Screens

Cricket Nets

Cricket Covers

Custom Boat Cover

PVC Polyester Roll

White Shock Cord

Black Shock Cord

Spiral Hook

Smart Lock Straps

Custom Made Ratchet Straps

Internal Load Strap with Snap Hook

Internal Load Strap with Waisted Ring and Bobbin

75mm Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps - 10000kg

Replacement Long Strap 50mm x 9.75m - 5000kg

50mm Ratchet and Tail Strap

Wear Sleeves 60mm for 50mm Ratchet Straps

50mm Ergonomic Ratchet Strap with Claw Hooks

50mm Wheel Strap with Keeper Hook - 5000kg

50mm Ratchet Strap with D rings - 5000kg

50mm Ergonomic Ratchet Strap & Chassis Hook - 5000kg

50mm Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps - 5000kg

50mm Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps - 4000kg

35mm Ratchet Straps - 2500kg

25mm Ratchet Straps - 1400kg

25mm Mini Ratchet Straps - 800kg

Round Sling 5 Tonne Red

Round Sling 4 Tonne Grey

Round Sling 3 Tonne Yellow

Round Sling 2 Tonne Green

Round Sling 1 Tonne Violet

Duplex Webbing Sling 5 Tonne Red

Duplex Webbing Sling 4 Tonne Grey

Duplex Webbing Sling 3 Tonne Yellow

Duplex Webbing Sling 2 Tonne Green

Duplex Webbing Sling 1 Tonne Violet

Chain Sub Assemblies

Clevis Grab Hook Grade 80

Clevis Sling Hook Grade 80

Eye Grab Hook Grade 80

Grade 80 Chain

Master Link Chain

Load Binder Ratchet Type

Lashing System Ratchet

Lashing System Starter Kit (One Way)

Lashing System Transit Buckles

Lashing System Webbing Roll

Box Van Strap

Corner Protectors

Gin Wheel

Yellow Debris Netting

White Debris Netting

Red Debris Netting

Orange Debris Netting

Blue Debris Netting

Black Debris Netting

Green Debris Netting

Yellow Tarpaulin Heavy Duty PVC

Custom Made Tarpaulins and Covers

Tarmac Jute Sheet

Ripstop Tarpaulin

PVC Polyester Sheet Tarpaulin

Standard Insulated Tarpaulin

Premium Insulated Tarpaulin

Economy Insulated Tarpaulin

Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Green

Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Blue

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PVC 610gsm Green

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin PVC 610gsm Blue

Groundsheet Light Blue 610gsm PVC

Waterproof Tarpaulin Leno Textured 150gsm

Clear Waterproof Tarpaulin Leno Textured 150gsm

Standard PE Tarpaulin White 110gsm

Economy PE Tarpaulin Blue 80gsm

Polypropylene Rope Blue 500m

Thread Laid Polypropylene Rope

Synthetic Hemp Rope

Staple Spun Rope

Polyester Rope

Black Polypropylene Rope

Sisal Rope

Blue Polypropylene Rope

White Polypropylene Rope

Nylon Rope

Dr Martens

Industrial Wipes


Brick Nets

Eye Protection

Head Protection

Industrial Covers

Skip Nets

Cargo Net

Truck Net

Debris Netting

Scaffolding Supplies

Ratchet Straps

Lifting Equipment


Lifting Slings

Mudfords Ltd General Description

Ratchets and Lifting Slings, industrial covers, scaffolding suppliers,
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