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Enterprise House
Priory Road
County Lincolnshire
PE22 0JZ
England UK
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09:00 am-05:00 pm
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About Lumisphere Products Ltd

Lumisphere Products Ltd create bespoke decorative festoon lighting for architects, designers, retail chains, sign makers, ship builders, leisure chains and more. Our lighting systems and products are low energy, durable and versatile, easily adapted to suit all types of structures.

Lumisphere Products have been providing unique innovative patented lighting systems for over 30 years.

Our festoon lighting systems lend themselves ideally to bespoke lighting applications where high illuminance, low energy and longevity are required, and are suitable for many types of installations including Coastal Promenades & Piers, Marine Dressing Lights, Tree Lighting, Festive Occasions, Street & Building Decorations, Bar & Restaurant interior/exteriors, Bridges, Theatres & Casinos, Shopping Malls, Architectural Lighting, Festivals, Retail and Signs.

Installations of Lumisphere lighting can be seen worldwide in many well-known areas and structures including the Albert and Chelsea Bridges in London, Harrods, Luna Park (Sydney) and many luxury cruise ships all over the world.

All our low voltage festoon lighting systems are made up Bespoke to order. The LED and Xenon systems have been designed to provide safe multipurpose energy saving festoon lighting, which offers an attractive alternative to standard mains voltage systems – which normally have inherently high maintenance and power costs.

Our systems are Pressure Watertight, conforming to IP68 and can be used in adverse conditions and humidity, and even complete saturation in saline water.
They are manufactured from High Quality, Non-Corrosive impact resistant materials and are UL2108 compliant.
Other than lamp replacement at long intervals, virtually no maintenance is required.

For all our festoon systems there is a range of polycarbonate Globe Types and Colours to choose from as well as a fantastic range of LED colour options for our Large and Small Harness LED festoons. Festoon lengths, light spacings, leads etc. are all specified by the client to suit individual projects.

Lumisphere Products Ltd was formed in 1988. Rosedale Lighting has owned the company since 2008; the owners being in the lighting industry for the last 30 years. We have offices in North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the UK, and an agent in the USA.

The Lumisphere Team is on hand to assist you with your lighting project no matter how big or small. Pre-installation and design advice is offered at no extra cost. We operate with a small but dedicated team who will work together to ensure a smooth service from your initial enquiry through to production and delivery of your bespoke lighting product.


  • LUMISPHERE® Large Harness Festoon Systems
  • Lumisphere® patented low voltage festoon systems are pressure watertight confirming to IP68 and may be used in adverse conditions and in areas of high humidity including complete saturation in saline water, subject to the installation being in accordance with appropriate code and regulations.

  • LED Systems
  • Lumisphere® Orbical range 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5w
    Lumisphere® Carnival (dimmable) range 0.6w
    Lumisphere® Eco LED (large harness) range 0.2w

  • Xenon Systems
  • X24 Xenon 5, 8.5 and 10w

  • Globes
  • The Lumisphere® Globes are manufactured from UV stabilised polycarbonate. Two types are available A type or G type, both are interchangeable with each other and used with our Large Harness Lampholders

LUMISPHERE® Small Harness Festoon Systems

  • Eco LED (small harness)
  • The Lumisphere® Small harness Eco LED system is designed for where a smaller more discrete harness is required, ideal for the illumination of young to medium size trees and building profiles.

LUMISPHERE® Mini Light System

  • Mini Lights

    Lumisphere® Mini Light system is a high quality weather-proof system comprising of a flat twin insulated cable on which a number of small moulded light units are attached at predetermined centres.

    Ideal for applications where high numbers of miniature low output lights are required, such as the illumination of small trees, and complex designs and shapes such as motifs, signs, architectural focal points etc. where profiles are easily followed by the flexibility of closely spaced lights.

    Other LUMISPHERE® products include:
    • Lumi-Flex – linear lighting system (Xenon and LED)
    • Linear Flood Light System
    • The LUMISPHERE® ECUB – Electronic Conversion Unit for Belisha Beacons
    • Extensive range of power supply options
    • Catenary wire and fixings
    • Fixings & Accessories
    • LUMISPHERE® Bespoke Designs – Lumisphere LEDs incorporated into bespoke designs. Eg. Tree Lanterns, Pendant festoons


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