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Suite 25
Inverness Airport

About 1 Architects Ltd

1 Architects are based at Inverness Airport, from where we deliver projects across Scotland and the rest of The British Isles. The Directors have over 50 years’ experience of developing projects in the fields of residential, domestic, industrial, retail and utilities, and have worked extensively with both new buildings and existing developments.

Residential Projects
Let 1 Architects achieve your dream of a beautiful home and create an environment where you can be at your best. Whether you want the crisp lines of a modern living space or to put your unique stamp on an existing building….from understated elegance to bold innovation, we can help you lift your home out of the ordinary.

Your house is a space for living. We can help you imagine and build the home that reflects your personality, adapts to your changing needs, and is a robust investment that holds its value over time.

Heritage & Stonework Projects
If you’re contemplating works to a historic building, 1 Architects can help. We have more than 40 years’ combined experience in restoring, refurbishing and extending historic buildings, and in dealing with listed structures anywhere in scope from a fisherman’s storage shed to a large Highland estate.

The tension between the old and the new is demanding but exciting; to justify any alterations you need to understand the character of the existing. You must develop a respect for the building so that the impact of any new work is minimal, with new elements added only where repair work would be impractical.

Historic buildings are complicated, and mistakes can be expensive; you need an expert who can help you navigate the complex legislation, and who can work with the relevant conservation bodies. 1 Architects will be delighted to assist.

Utilities & Industrial Projects
1 Architects has considerable experience of providing planning and project management services within the Utilities sector, and in recent years much of this expertise has been focused on renewables. We have in particular been very involved with wind energy and we have assisted many landowners to develop single turbines on their farms and estates under the new Feed in Tariff programme.

Over the years we have also worked on a wide variety of industrial projects both large and small, and continue to be heavily involved in this important sector as independent consultants and also in joint-venture initiatives.

1 Architects are pragmatic, innovative and creative, and we conduct our business with integrity. We believe in providing clients with honest advice, not just the good news, but all the facts, allowing clients to make well-informed decisions.

We have no preferred style and no rigid design rules. We try to consider each project as a completely new opportunity that requires a completely fresh approach.

People are at the heart of all buildings; they conceive of them, commission them, build them and use them. A good design process needs people who listen well; and that’s what we do. This together with our long experience and our wide range of skills produces buildings that clients are happy with and that serve their purpose well.


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