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Stefan Huber
Unit D
Pitreavie Business Park
KY11 8PU

About Sustainable Homes Scotland Ltd

Welcome to Paul Heat Recovery

We are the wholesaler of Paul Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV) or otherwise called Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) for Scotland and Northern Ireland. We provide a range of different solutions for residential and commercial developments, for new build as well as renovation projects.

Highly efficient heat recovery ventilation is the ideal partner for buildings which are relatively air tight. Air tightness goes hand in hand with good standards of insulation in the drive to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings.

Paul has become well known for its highly efficient and Passivhaus certified HRV systems, widely used in Passive Houses / Passivhaus and low energy buildings. Developed and made in Germany, its systems stand out with excellent technology, optimal heat recovery rates, low energy consumption and last but not least very silent operation. The newly developed novus 300DC heat recovery unit is world leader in efficiency and energy use according to the Passive House certification.

With our consultancy and design service, we are a reliable partner for installers and companies in the construction industry.

We offer a range of different HRV units, most of them Passivhaus certified. For more product information, please click the links below. For prices and project specific information, please contact us.

The choice of a correct system often proves to be difficult as a variety of cheaper or more expensive products are on the market. We would like to concentrate on quality products, which are designed to be silent, efficient and hygienic.

The following groups of components need to be considered:
  • Frost protection: Without it the unit will not work efficiently any more in frosty weather or stop working altogether.
  • Post heater: A warm water based or electric post heater is used where conventional heating systems are not installed. Please study carefully the limitations.
  • Ducting system: We recommend either metal ducting or semi-flexible PE ducting.
  • Insulation of certain ducts.
  • Silencers are always necessary.
  • Inlets and outlets: different looks and functionalities.
  • Controls: Different controls and intelligent ports are offered.

MVHR Services
Paul Heat Recovery Scotland offer a range of services for installers and retailers, beginning from the initial advice, consultation, a design service, installation training and commissioning.

Air Tightness & Pressure Testing
We offer a cheap domestic pressure testing service with certification to satisfy building control.

For builders who want to achieve good or excellent air tightness, we offer an experienced design advice and on site leakage analysis. When confronted with stringent air tightness targets for low energy and Passive Houses, many a builder has faced difficulties to achieve results below 3 or 4 m3/h/m2 at the pressure test.

With a series of site visits, testing and hands-on approach, we make sure you achieve your goals and provide training for site operatives. So far we could help every site to reach their targets.

Reviews & Testimonials for Sustainable Homes Scotland Ltd

5 star review
September 18, 2015
I have chosen a heat recovery system for our partial home refurbishment for two reasons: (a) to allow us to have a completely sealed building envelope without the need for trickle vents in the windows and (b) to have an effectively ventilated space without at the same time wasting the heat energy of the extracted air. The system worked wonderfully. Visitors remark how fresh and airy the new areas are without knowing why. Compared to rooms in the old part of the house, which don’t have the ventilation with heat-recovery system, the new areas have a fantastic feel of freshness about them. Gone is all the stuffiness from before. Heat recovered from extracted air now partially heats a large room upstairs in the new part of the house. Together with south-facing roof lights this mean that this room requires no heating until outside temperatures get close to freezing. Although, I need to add that we also took great care with insulation when designing the new parts of the house. The cost of the system is not negligible, but given all the benefits well worth the outlay. We could not be happier with the results

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to start a new build or embark on a major refurbishment.

In addition working with Paul Heat Recovery Scotland was very straightforward and professional. From initial scoping and quoting to installation and hand-over the service was first class – truly professional. We are very happy that we handed this part of the project entirely and completely to this supplier. I would not have trusted our main contractor to do this themselves, bearing in mind that this is a technically very sophisticated solution and that requires expert installation. Installation costs were very reasonable, though.
Testimonial by
Steffen Gorgas
5 star review
December 09, 2014
I am very pleased this retro-fit MVHR installation has brought as a part of a life-long healthier environment.
Testimonial by
Grant Eckersley
5 star review
December 09, 2014
Many thanks – it’s been a very positive experience working with you!
Testimonial by
Lorraine Russell
5 star review
October 25, 2013
"When the Passivhaus Trust were doing the three months of complex calculations to work out whether our proposed bungalow could be made to reach their standards and become the first in the world off-site factory built bungalow, to be erected in a site 100m up, in Inverness (further North than Moscow) facing North, they insisted it must have a Paul Novus 300 as it was the most efficient being able to recover 94.6% of the heat and add it to fresh, purified air quietly pumped into the bedrooms and front room.

Now it is built we are living our dream, with a simple control panel that allows us, when we have showers, or do the laundrey to turn it to "boost", which quickly removes the extra steam, before automatically, after 15 minutes, reverting to the previous speed. If we have visitors we can press a button and gently it will turn slightly up, if we are going to be out or on holiday another button turns it to a programme that turns it on for short periods to remove any dampness but save energy. We find it simple, fool proof and giving us such a wonderful environment to enjoy."
Testimonial by
Jean & Tony Hills
5 star review
April 17, 2013
Thank you very much for your service, the system works very well: we can definitely see the difference!
Testimonial by
Lionel Broche
5 star review
November 15, 2010
VENTILATION SYSTEM - so far very impressive.  There are no smells lingering in the house ever, whether it be a good or bad smell! Air is noticeably always fresh, clean feeling. House always feels dust free. Air never feels humid or dry just consistently pure. This has made a real difference in our every day life and that's just three weeks in.
Testimonial by
Julie Watson
Sustainable Homes Scotland Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.


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