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GreCon Ltd

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0191 4147300
Jonathan Hamill
3 Willows Business Centre
Newburn Bridge Road
NE21 4SQ

About GreCon Ltd

Company overview
GreCon makes people and places safer and enables the 'smart factory' as the leading provider of innovative industrial fire prevention, and process measurement solutions. We offer turnkey solutions and a comprehensive in-house service, delivered by a UK based network of Engineers.

Fire Prevention to enable uninterrupted production and make workplaces safer
GreCon’s fire prevention technology protects industrial premises, process and people, detecting and extinguishing ignition sources in filters, silos and other production areas, making workplaces safer and enabling uninterrupted production.

Enabling the Smart Factory
A comprehensive range of measurement and inspection systems help equip the ‘smart factory’, improving product quality, reducing raw material and energy costs, and ultimately maximising operational efficiency.

We are a global market leader. Our parent company Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG developed and launched the first industrial spark detection and extinguishing system in 1973. Since that time, GreCon’s product portfolio has significantly evolved, with continuous investment in R&D. Today several hundred thousand customers globally rely on GreCon to keep them safe.

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Fire Protection

Measuring Systems

Reviews & Testimonials for GreCon Ltd

5 star review
June 04, 2020
"We have been reassured by GreCon’s technology and service. We have a robust solution in place, protecting our operations. The ability to visualise the system remotely has also helped us stay connected from our control room and monitor events in real-time."
Testimonial by
5 star review
April 01, 2019
“As long as I work on this site, we will never look at using anybody else. I would not operate my plant without the GreCon system; it has saved us dozens of times. I tell the insurance people that goes off regularly - it is doing its job, why else would I have it.”
Testimonial by
Murfitts Industries Ltd
GreCon Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.



Birthday celebrations for GreCon Limited following record growth

GreCon Limited is celebrating 28 years of business and commitment to the UK & Ireland market.

Established in April 1992, GreCon is located just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne and is a member of the Fagus-GreCon Group. With a wealth of experience as a global market leader, GreCon demonstrates a strong understanding of customer needs and provides turnkey solutions for a wide variety of industries including wood manufacturing, recycling, biomass, pharmaceutical, food, hygiene and more.

GreCon’s fire protection technology protects industrial premises, process and people, detecting and extinguishing ignition sources, making workplaces safer and enabling uninterrupted production.

GreCon’s measurement and inspection solutions help customers to improve product quality in their production processes, using proven German engineering to reduce material and energy costs, ultimately maximising operational efficiency.

Jonathan Hamill, Managing Director of GreCon Limited said, “Our parent company Fagus-GreCon brought to market the first industrial spark extinguishing system in 1973. Since that time, GreCon’s product portfolio has significantly evolved, with continuous investment in R&D. Today customers all over the world rely on GreCon to add vital protection and to help them optimise their manufacturing process.”

The company has seen growth after a positive year in 2019. “We achieved double-digit percentage growth last year despite a lot of industry uncertainty surrounding Brexit.” Hamill stated, “This has placed us in an even better position to look after our customers. We invested in a new remote support solution; Satellite, which allows us to connect to customer systems remotely to provide a faster response and diagnostic service”.

As part of the response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the GreCon team have been focused on helping customers in critical industries, including travelling to their sites where needed. This week alone, these visits have been to customers in power generation, recycling, food and hygiene industries. Hamill continued, “I’ve thanked our team for their efforts, for staying at home when they've been asked to, coming to work when we need them and for finding new ways to adapt to this challenging situation”.

This team has expanded. Hamill commented, “Tom Burniston re-joined the business in 2019 and is well known in the industry. As Head of Sales, Tom can rely on two recruits. Nathan Ashford joined recently as Technical Sales Manager – Nathan’s engineering background will be highly relevant in this role. Beth Williamson joined during 2019 and was recently promoted to an inside sales role to look after business development and sales of critical spare parts.”

Hamill concluded, “In these challenging times, we mark this anniversary by sending virtual slices of ‘Detector cake’. We thank our customers for their continued loyalty and support. We also think of and thank all involved in the response to the current pandemic. Stay safe and if you believe we can help you, please get in touch”.
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fire safety in production process

extinguishing systems

spark detection systems

explosion protection solutions

preventive fire solutions

Dust Fires Prevention

Safety Against Dust Fires

Machine Fire Protection FLAMEWOLF

Machine Fire Protection

Spark Extinguishing System

Fire risk factors

technical fire protection

prevent a fire

Organisational fire protection

Structural fire protection

Advanced Fire Protection

Fire protection

Fire Prevention

Spark Detection

Measuring Technology


Name Role Email Telephone
Tom Burniston Head of Sales 0191 4147200
Nathan Ashford Technical Sales Manager 0191 4147200
Jonathan Hamill Managing Director 0191 4147200
Bethany Williamson Internal Sales Coordinator 01914147200
Jeremy Eschle Service Manager 01914147200

GreCon Ltd General Description

Industrial fire prevention and process measurement solutions
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