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Aspect Fire Solutions

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0845-054 0517
Paul Booth
Unit 312/Saddleworth Business Centre
Huddersfield Road
County Lancashire
England UK

About Aspect Fire Solutions

Fire Detection & Fire Suppression Systems

Taking effective fire suppression action before it’s too late
Fire damage costs UK businesses well over half a billion pounds every year – a statistic in which you would surely never wish your business to be included. Are you absolutely confident that your current fire suppression system would prevent such a fire taking hold and causing serious damage – or worse? The long-term consequences of fire damage can be suffered by even the most pro-active businesses for years to come. Or you might be setting up a new business facility and need to ensure the required systems are in place. Either way, we can help...

Aspect Fire Solutions – matching experience to delivery
As a market leader in specialist fire detection and suppression technologies, and with a wealth of proven experience, we are the go-to option for many leading and developing businesses. Using our extensive nationwide network of highly-qualified and vastly-experienced Fire Suppression Engineers, we can deliver proven, practical, and cost-effective solutions to match your specific needs.

This work is completed to ISO 9001 standards; and within the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (where these apply). To be sure that your business is fully protected from fire risk, contact us immediately for a full quotation or professional advice. Call our northern office on 0845 0540 516, southern office on 0845 0540 518 – or simply complete our Free Call Back Request form.

Our extensive range of fire detection and suppression solutions
There are many different ways we can match our service to your requirements:

Fire alarm and detection systems
We can provide solutions ranging from a simple conventional system up to a specifically-designed, fully addressable fire alarm with graphics capability (certified to current BS5839 standards).

Gaseous fire suppression systems
All designed and rigorously tested by our specialist team, our range of systems include FM200, Inergen, Argogen, Argonite, Inertsafe 300 and CO2.

Water mist systems
High or low pressure systems can be used in a variety of fire suppressant applications; we’ll find the one that best suits your needs.

High sensitivity smoke detection systems
We install Vesda HSSD systems where extremely early smoke detection is vital (such as computer, clean or switch rooms, communications and data centres, or archive stores).

Kitchen suppression systems
The use of high-temperature cooking oils and slow-cooling appliances (such as deep-fat fryers) in today’s commercial kitchens make producing effective fire suppression systems to effectively protect your people and property ever more challenging. We can install the renowned Ansul R-102.

Room integrity testing
Room integrity testing can be carried out on a wide range of systems to ensure that your room is adequately sealed to allow the suppression process to operate effectively (otherwise the suppression agent could leak out and be ineffective); but not too tightly (where suppression release could cause serious damage to the structure).

Servicing and maintaining your fire suppression systems
As well as dealing with any of the specific areas highlighted above, it’s also vital to ensure that your system is always in full working order. Our 24/7 service and maintenance package options ensures we are only ever a phone call away and always ready to deal with all your urgent or scheduled service, maintenance and testing needs – both for new and existing systems.


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