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Lighting and Lamps UK

Lighting and Lamps UK Contact Details

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01932 85187
Ian Mills
Unit 2 Weybridge Business Centre
66 York Road
County Surrey
KT13 9DY
England, UK

About Lighting and Lamps UK

Lighting & Lamps UK Ltd. are a independent supplier of lamps and lighting components.

We are based in the Home Counties but supply to all over the UK.
Lamps are usually next day delivery and are of a branded make i.e., Osram, GE, Sylvannia, Philips, Bell plus others.
We also supply lighting control gear, ballasts, capasitors and ignitors along with all types of light fittings suitable for all applications, i.e. retail, public, commercial, industrial, leisure, and domestic.
Lamps include halogan lamps, metal halides lamps, flourescent tubes, T12 - tubes, T 8 - tubes, T 5 - tubes, T 4 - tubes, T 2 - tubes, compact energy saving lamps, mercury vapor lamps and sodium lamps.
We also supply L.E.D. lighting for all applications as well as lighting design, we can supply and fit custom to your design.

Light & Lamps UK Ltd. is the main supplier of lights and lamps to all the major industries. We have a vast range of lamps ranging from, halogen lamps, metal-halides lamps, we also have a wide range of coloured flourescent tubes and energy saving compact lamps. We have in a new product the mercury vapour lamps and control gearing ballasts lamps, to add to that list of lamps are, capasitors lamps, invertas lamps and transformers lamps.

We supply premises including hotels and resturants. Most of our commercial properties are fitted with halogen lamps.
Mercury vapour lamps or coloured flourescent tubes are used for industrial to retail, they are used for the likes of business signs and over head lighting.
We also supply public, residential, as well as domestic properties.
We fit bathrooms, kitchens, and stairway lighting.

We do all manufactures ranging from:
  • Osrom
  • General Electric
  • Savenea
  • Phillips
  • BLV Lamps
Products and Services
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Control Lighting
  • Metal-Halides Lamps
  • Ballasts Lamps
  • Mercury Vapour Lamps
  • Energy Saving Compact Lamps
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • T12 - Tubes
  • T 8 - Tubes
  • T 5 - Tubes
  • T 4 - Tubes
  • T 2 - Tubes
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