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Kelvin Topset Limited

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01475 569 011
George Dyer-Wilson
Annickbank Innovation Campus
County Ayrshire
KA11 4LF

About Kelvin Topset Limited

Kelvin TOP-SET teaches companies how to investigate incidents, to understand the causes, and to prevent incident recurrence.

Kelvin TOP-SET has been assisting global companies with their incident investigation needs for over 25 years. The TOP-SET system is designed to help organisations to standardise and simplify their incident investigation procedures. Kelvin TOP-SET offers incident investigation courses, software and investigation and consultancy services.

Kelvin Topset Limited Image
Kelvin Topset Limited Image

By implementing TOP-SET, organisations can ensure that employees consistently find the real root causes of incidents every time by following a clear step-by-step process that is suitable for any industry. This in turn leads to the prevention of incidents, efficiency savings in terms of time and money and, most importantly, the protection of lives.

Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation courses are designed to teach delegates the practical skills required to conduct effective incident investigations competently with confidence. The courses are all fit-for-purpose and cater for those with little or no prior experience of incident investigation right through to those with extensive experience in the field who will be surprised just how much they can learn from this standardised approach.
  • Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator Course
    Learn to fully utilise the TOP-SET system to guide your team to investigate methodically with confidence and unearth the real root causes of an incident.

  • Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator Course
    Learn to use the TOP-SET system to enhance your investigation skills and become an active member of your incident investigation team.

  • Kelvin TOP-SET Quick Investigation Course
    Learn to effectively and consistently investigate minor, non-lost-time incidents such as slips trips and falls in under an hour.

  • Kelvin TOP-SET Tutor Development
    This course develops in-company tutors to roll out Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator courses and Quick Investigation courses in a flexible and cost-effective manner; adopt one standardised incident investigation system throughout your organisation.

Kelvin Topset Limited Image
Kelvin Topset Limited Image

Incident investigation is a vital process for understanding and preventing incidents, both large and small, which can cause untold and often irrecoverable damage to individual lives, equipment, organisational safety culture, company reputation and profit.

Whatever the level of incident that you are investigating, TOP-SET Governors can provide a software package to assist you. The software is a fantastic tool to complement the knowledge and skills learned on a Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation course.

Why Use TOP-SET?
The TOP-SET system helps users to investigate incidents thoroughly and to solve complex problems by following a simple step-by-step process. Users of the TOP-SET system gain confidence in their own investigative skills and become fully enabled to plan and conduct investigations, collect incident data in a methodical fashion and uncover the real root causes of any incident. The TOP-SET system works!

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Kelvin Topset Limited Image
Kelvin Topset Limited Image

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