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Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd.

Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd. Contact Details

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Tim Beauford
9 Bofors Park
Artillery Road
County Somerset
BA22 8YH

About Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd.

Advanced Chemical Specialties Limited (ACS) is based in the south west of the UK. From here we manufacture and distribute an extensive range of products for both construction and building refurbishment. From fire retardant coatings and liquids, to surface biocides, mould control coatings and water repellents.

Our Technical and R&D department has over 50 years' experience in specifying and developing products to help keep buildings of all sizes weatherproof, clean and safe. We can manufacture and pack your product to the highest quality. If this is something you are looking for, please get in contact.

Although we are relatively small, we form strong partnerships with our customers, from the large builders merchants to hardware shops; housing associations and private homeowners; multinational contractors and sole proprietor builders. We give each our full attention and the best advice we can offer, to help solve a wide range of common and not-so common problems.

We purchase from some of the world's largest raw material manufacturers which, over many years, has enabled us to call upon a vast reservoir of product knowledge. If we don’t know, we know someone who does.

Our Products and Solutions

  • Anti Mould & Condensation
    • Anti Mould Paint
    • Anti Mould Anti Bacterial Paint
    • Mould Wash & Paint Additives
    • Anti Condensation Paint
    • Anti Mould Kits

  • Boracols
    • ACS Boracol 10Rh
    • ACS Boracol 5Rh Teak Deck Treatment
    • Boracol Application Kit
    • Boracol Brush

  • Fire Protection
    • Intumescent Paints
    • Fire Retardant Paints & Liquids

  • Masonry Protection
    • Building Products
    • Masonry Paints
    • Masonry Waterproofing
    • Masonry Consolidation

  • Wood Preservation
    • Professional Borates
    • Wood Preservatives
    • Water Repellents for Wood

  • Rust-oleum
    • Murfill Waterproofing Coating
    • Rust-oleum Maths Pegaprim Xpress
    • Rustoleum Noxyde
    • Rustoleum Peganox
    • Rustoleum Waterproofing Repair Compound

  • Hardware
    • Boracol Brush
    • Brushes
    • Drill Bit Mixer
    • Masonry Brush
    • Mini Roller
    • Mini Roller 5 Sleeve
    • No Lose Brushes
    • Roller Pack



Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd. General Description

Advanced Chemical Specialties (ACS) Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of protective paints and materials for wood, brick, stone and concrete preservation. As well as offering a large range of specialist chemical products
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