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Acra Screed Ltd

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Helen Owen
Pendle View Farm
County North Yorkshire
BD23 4SJ
England UK

About Acra Screed Ltd

Acra Screed - Redefining Construction

Quality And Value
At Acra Screed, our team of screed rail system experts work hard to earn your business, and we take the time to make sure every concrete placement product we carry offers the best quality and value possible.

Acra Screed - Redefining Construction
The Original Adjustable Screed Rail System
The construction and building trades industries are seeing explosive growth even in the wake of a global pandemic. The demand for innovative, reliable solutions for the concrete placement sector is growing at an exponential rate, which is why Acra Screed is working hard to ensure the needs of our clients and their businesses are being met.

Custom Tailored Concrete Placement Solutions
Acra Screed is the leader in concrete placement solutions for today’s construction and building industry. Our innovative Adjustable Screed Rail System designed for professional concrete placement is accurate, adjustable, easy to use, and requires very little set-up time. Acra Screed has earned a reputation throughout the industry as the only screed rail system contractors need to complete their customers’ projects on time and with the highest levels of quality and value.

Easy To Use - Accurate - Adjustable - Fast Set-Up
Our Adjustable Screed Chair Systems cover concrete depths from 50mm to 1.6 meters and can be set to within half a millimetre of tolerance in minutes. This means you can use it for level floors or floors with multiple cross falls to exacting tolerances giving a finished product you can be proud to stake your company’s name and reputation on. Professional flooring companies, concrete placement teams, and contractors worldwide depend on Acra Screed for the most accurate screed rail system the industry has to offer, and so should you. Contact us for a no-obligation quote on an Acra Screed Rail System today.

  • Permanent Shutter - NO stripping shutter.
  • Precision Height set up - Adjustable to be millimetre perfect.
  • Joint Seal is Part of the Expansion - no going back to site to strip and seal joints.
  • No Polysulphide required.
  • Suitable for power screeds to run on.

OPTIONAL - Threaded Dowel Bars can be removed from the side of the Expansion which is not been poured to avoid trip Hazards - or a Continuous pour beyond the Expansion system is now possible. Steel fixing and pouring an entire area gives excellent economic advantages in particular for companies who use subcontractors or those working to a tight programme.

With the GO Expansion you get the permanent shutter, expansion foam the tie bars, and the expansion seal itself. With all other components such as Dowel Cradles and bars also available from Acra Screed.

The system has been designed by many years of onsite experience and a thorough understanding of on-site demands. You can prepare all the steel work in the slab and have the expansion in place ready for the concrete crew who can then carry out a continuous pour. You don't have to go back to site or wait for a dry day to fill the joint the benefits are multiple.

Better Quality - not only is the system better for you, it’s a much better finish for your customer because the seal is locked into the concrete and its innovative design allows movement in the joint.

For the seal itself we have teamed with NUFOX Rubber - Formed in 1981, the Manchester based company are at the forefront of their sector, through various acquisitions their in house experience dates back as far as 1933 making them true experts in the field.

Experience is everything - at least that’s what we think, it’s the background of all our products and something we are very proud of. We take that on site experience and turn it into products that work.
The Superior concrete equipment range is designed and manufactured by Scott Brening who has taken his many years of experience in Concrete finishing and used it to develop the perfect concrete finishing equipment.



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