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Scotia Roofing Limited

Scotia Roofing Limited Contact Details

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01324 861613
Iain Aitchison
Carseview Road
Blackston Road
County Strilingshire

About Scotia Roofing Limited

Scotia Roofing Ltd
is one of Scotland's leading roof slating and tiling companies. The family run company was established by the late Bill Smith in 1995 to serve central Scotland with a quality and reliable service. Upon his unexpected death in 2006, the company was taken over by son-in-law, Iain Aitchison, who ensures that the first class reputation of the company is continued and built upon from a very strong base.

The Company Mission Is
* To become the leading Roof Slating and Tiling Company in Scotland, working with Main Contractors in an open and honest manner.
* Ensure that contracts are furnished with trained craftsmen who provide a courteous service and take pride in their work.
* Finish contracts in a timely manner and within budget.

Scotia Roofing are members of the Scottish Building Federation and the Scottish Small Businesses Federation.

Management Structure of Scotia Roofing Limited
We always allocate a site manager and foreman to each job, regardless of size - not all of our competitors do that. This level of site management gives our clients reassurance that their project will be professionally and efficiently managed.

We have a flat management structure with a short link between our site staff and the Directors of the Company. This structure provides for good lines of communication between management and front line staff.

Health and Safety
Scotia Roofing Limited regards the occupational health & safety of all employees, contracted or temporarily engaged, and all of the members of the public affected by our operations as being of paramount importance. We hold an impressive Health & Safety record.

Our motto is:

'There is nothing we do which is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.'

Our People
We acknowledge that people are one of the scarcest resources in the construction industry. We invest heavily in terms of training and upgrading skills. All of our staff have personal development programmes which are annually reviewed, and that way we can tailor training to the individual. We want to retain our quality workforce, and are very successful in that respect, with average lengths of service of staff and operatives at 10 years and 5 years respectively.

Our Quality
Quality and level of management of the site teams is a vital part of the spectrum of Scotia Roofing Limited. We work towards delivering a consistently high quality product that meets the needs of our Clients. Our Management System is regularly audited internally to ensure compliance and is reviewed on an ongoing basis as part of our drive towards continuous improvement.

Our Environment
Our Project Management Plan for each project includes an environmental risk assessment procedure, which is used by the site team to identify the key local sensitivities and to develop appropriate mitigating measures. We also seek opportunities to maximize re-use of materials and to minimize off-site disposal, contacting the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency prior to the beginning of work on each project. Site staff receive regular briefings on environmental issues, particularly those most relevant to their current project. As a contractor, we seek to contribute, through our customers, to an outcome that is sympathetic to the environment.

Client Relationships
The main thing that keeps customers coming back to Scotia Roofing Limited, is reputation. Our reputation is built on our ability to understand our clients' needs and to deliver accordingly. Our repeat business rate lies in the range between 75% and 85%.

Scotia Roofing Limited is committed to the principles of Continuous Improvement and the delivery of Best Value for our Clients. To improve performance, it is of course necessary to measure it. We invite our Clients to take part in a Post-Contract Performance Appraisal at the end of each project.

Feedback from these questionnaires is invaluable in assessing our position, making changes and in giving our staff an external perspective on our performance.

Here are some of the comments our clients have made about us:
'Scotia Roofing Limited can handle complex slating issues which I believe no other roofing contractor could do.'

'First class!'

'The overall service provided by Scotia Roofing Limited was very good. The personnel were interactive, proactive, got on with the job in hand and kept the whole team informed at all times.'

'Very positive.'

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