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028 7962 8188
Vivion McSorley
Unit A8, The Business Centre
Tobermore Road
BT45 7AG
Northern Ireland

About Rainvault


Rain Harvesting Systems

Rain Harvesting Systems offer water-saving solutions for both domestic and commercial schemes including hotels, schools, offices, industrial and agricultural premises.
  • 50%-100% saving on water usage
  • Significantly reduced water bills
  • Massive environmental impact
  • Reduced demand on public water supply
  • Soft water - ideal for clothes washing, toilet flushing, preventing limescale build up and less detergent use
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Longer life span for appliances, i.e. washing machines, especially in hard-water areas
  • Rainwater, especially in hard-water areas, provides an excellent food source for plants
  • Reduces risk of flooding – S.U.D.S. (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (E.C.A) 1st year
  • No significant effect in cost of overall budget
What is a Rainvault Rain Harvesting System?
Our rain harvesting system collects run-off rainwater from the roof, through the downpipes, filters out debris and stores it in an underground tank. The water is pumped through our panel, before being distributed throughout the points of use within the dwelling, providing water-saving solutions across all applications.

The RVS series can provide between 50%-100% of domestic water requirement, depending on the system installed and weather conditions.

Rain Harvesting System - RVS1 by Rainvault Northern Ireland
The RVS1 uses filtration to treat the rainwater. This system offers water for toilet flushing, laundry, vehicle washing and general outdoor use.

Rain Harvesting System - RVS2 by Rainvault Northern Ireland
The RVS2* employs triple filtration and sterilisation to treat the rainwater. This system supplies additional water for bathing, hair washing and household cleaning, as well as water for outdoor use.

Rain Harvesting System - RVS3 by Rainvault Northern Ireland
The RVS3* is our premier system. Unlike the RVS1 and RVS2, this system can supply your property with drinking standard water, without the use of chemicals. The RVS3 avails of advanced filtration and sterilisation units to purify the water, to provide your property with up to 100% of your water requirements.

*Patent Pending

Why choose Ecovault over traditional rain harvesting systems?
Unlike traditional rain harvesting systems, the Ecovault system incorporates an i-smart gravity tank in the loft, which has intelligent sensors to control the pump in the underground tank. The header tank only refills once it's nearly empty, whilst traditional rainwater systems make the pump start and stop every time any amount of water is used. This means wear on the pump and electricity usage are both massively reduced by using Ecovault.

All system information is displayed in real time via an electronic display unit located at your chosen point in the building.

The Ecovault system is fully automatic, changing to the mains, should there be insufficient rain water or a power failure.


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