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Muck-truck UK Ltd

Muck-truck UK Ltd Contact Details

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01566 777 706
Sherie Rowlands
27D Pennygillan Way,
Pennygillan Industrial Estate
County Cornwall
PL15 7ED
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08:00 am-05:00 pm







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About Muck-truck UK Ltd

Muck-truck – First with the Concept. First with the Design
#1 Powered Wheelbarrows and Micro Dumpers in the World.

  • Muck-truck has been in the Business for over 36 years.
  • The Honda Engine and Transmission comes with a 24-month warranty.
  • Muck-truck Accessories can be changed in seconds with no tools needed.
  • Can climb up to 30 degrees slope fully loaded.
  • Muck-truck machines works well with other machines such as mini diggers and cement mixers etc.

  • The very first Powered Wheelbarrows in the world.
  • We refused to compromise with the quality.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Spare Parts are always available and can be dispatch anytime.
  • Muck-truck Team are well equipped and prepared to resolve any technical queries.

Muck-truck Engine Powered Machines Specifications:
Models: Muck-truck (250kg), Max-truck (365kg), H-Max(450kg)
Engine: GXV160 5.5Hp Honda Engine
Transmission: Transaxle, 3 forward/1 reverse
Speed: 0-3.5 MPH
Fuel: Petrol (Unleaded)
Noise Rating: upto 79db
Parking Brake: Disc
Dimensions: Muck-truck(L61”x W28”x H34”), Max-truck(L63”x W28”x H36”), H-Max(L72”x W29”x H42”)
Weight Unladen: Muck-truck(132kg), Max-truck(140kg), H-Max(184kg)

Muck-truck Battery Powered Machines Specifications:
Models: E-truck(250kg), Power Barrow 4WD(365kg)
Power: E-truck - 24 Volts/900Watts, Power Barrow – 24 Volts/1400Watts
Speed: E-Truck – 0-3.5 MPH, Power Barrow – 0-4.00 MPH
Parking Brake: Electro Magnetic Release
Noise Rating: Less than 5db
Dimensions: E-truck(L63”x W28”x H36”), Power Barrow(L64”x W30”x H38”)
Weight Unladen: E-truck(176kg), Power Barrow(265kg)
Traction: 4 Wheel Drive

Muck-truck Accessories – Super quick fit and no tools required.
  • Muck-truck® - Flatbed (Standard), H-Max Flatbed (with Forks)
  • Muck-truck® - Ball Hitch (Standard), Power Barrow Ball Hitch
  • Muck-truck® - Skip Extensions
  • Muck-truck® - Snow Plough
  • Muck-truck® - Loading Ramp
  • Muck-truck® - Vacuum

Muck-truck machines are easy to operate, and shifts loads quickly and ideal for:
  • Builders & Local Authorities – fast skip filling, easy to move paving slabs, bricks, rubble and waste.
  • Landscapers & Gardeners – carry rolls of turf, soil, gravel, mulch and waste material, easily to the tip.
  • Garden Centres & Nurseries – transport plants, rocks, trees, compost and bulky garden stock quickly.
  • Farmers, Small Holdings & Equestrians – move straw, and hay bales, feed, muck and rubbish without the back-ache.
  • Plant Hire Shops – easy to use and easy to hire, a good return on investments, our machines will pay for itself after 18 weeks.

“As a Company, we are committed to our customers not only with the Sales but more importantly with a Long-term Commitment”.

Reviews & Testimonials for Muck-truck UK Ltd

5 star review
August 11, 2020
Thank you very much a prompt and efficient service.
Review by
Martin Kenny
5 star review
October 01, 2016
"I love it, even my horses have become spoilt by having clean stables and paddocks in minutes" I dont even use a wheelbarrow anymore"
Testimonial by
Sally Kearney
5 star review
May 01, 2016
" A brilliant piece of kit that has done an enormous amount of work over the last five years. We cannot speak highly enough of it. It is simple to use, easy to maintain and very economical."
Testimonial by
Jim West
5 star review
March 01, 2016
" The Muck-truck® is the perfect tool for our job."
Testimonial by
Dan In Surrey
5 star review
September 01, 2015
" I have had my Muck-truck® about four years, it has been a very useful piece of equipment."
Testimonial by
UK Customer
5 star review
February 01, 2015
"I am a UK muck-truck customer with a muck-truck, flat bed and skip loading ramp, and I just can't rave enough about how useful and reliable my muck-truck has been during a house renovation project in Surrey. I really hope that muck-truck continues to win over the competition and thrives for the future. I hope to add a 2nd muck-truck to my toolset as I move towards setting-up a landscaping business."
Testimonial by
K Loten
Muck-truck UK Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.




Model: Muck-truck® - 4 Wheel Drive
Engine: Honda GXV 160, 4 stroke
Transmission: Tecumseh Peerless transaxle 3 forward / 1 reverse speed
Fuel: Unleaded petrol
Capacity: 6 cu ft. or ¼ tonne (250kg) carrying capacity
Noise Rating: 79db
Parking Brake: Disc
Wheels: Front 400 x 10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400 x 8
Dimensions: Length - 155cm/61", Width - less than 70cm/28", Height - 85cm/34"
Weight: 110kg unlaiden
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