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Forth Demolition Ltd

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Steven McCann (Snr.)
Seafield Mill
Seafield Moor Road
EH25 9RQ

About Forth Demolition Ltd

Forth Demolition Ltd was founded back in 2002 after a year trading as Forth Demolition and Consultant Services. Director Stephen McCann’s vision was to build a professional, family-run Demolition Company with the ability to provide a comprehensive, professional service to the demolition trade. This ideology has remained an integral part of the company’s ethical core as it strides forward into the next decade.

New Beginning
From the outset Forth Demolition Ltd has employed experienced staff from a variety of relevant fields within the demolition industry. Quickly gathering momentum through its ever increasing and loyal customer base, it focused on employing young, up-and-coming, enthusiastic individuals with the appropriate mindset to take the business forward. Forth Demolition Ltd is set up to develop these individuals with the correct training and experience which will allow them to progress through their chosen career path, adding value to the business.

Moving Forwards
The younger site staff and older experienced staff began a new chapter in Forth Demolition. The same high standard of training which has always been applied within the demolition industry continued. The same professionalism that has always been the mainstay of Forth Demolition continued and gained longevity.

Led by the Director Mr. Stephen McCann, Forth Demolition pressed on with the standards of training, which eventually paid dividends, putting Forth Demolition in the position where it can now boast pound-for-pound one of the most well-trained and experienced demolition teams in the country. This is vitally important in today's Health & Safety-conscious world; where most companies are playing catch-up, Forth Demolition has from it very inception developed a strong Health & Safety culture.


24hr Emergency Call Outs
Forth Demolition offers a 24/7 emergency call-out service covering all types of dangerous structures, including fire and building collapse.

Here at Forth Demolition Ltd we undertake all aspects of demolition works, varying from façade retention to deconstruction, full demolition to partial hand reductions. In addition, we carry out emergency demolitions resulting from fire or structural damage. With our fully qualified onsite personnel and our dedicated and experienced office staff, Forth Demolition Ltd offers a professional service unparalleled in terms of efficiency and value for money.
  • Deconstruction
  • Façade Retention
  • Demolition Services
Site Clearance
Site clearance is a very generic term that can be used to explain the actual demolition sequence itself or to describe the removals of fly-tipped materials from a green/brown field site. Forth Demolition Ltd has in the past carried out such works for J. Smart & Co at Peffermill, EDI Group and Forth Ports, to name a few.

Forth Demolition Ltd has, on occasion, been asked to carry out site clearance works to help contractors restart construction works after a building firm has gone into liquidation.

Asbestos Removal
As the legislation surrounding the controlled removal and disposal of asbestos products is so stringent, Forth Demolition Ltd opt only to undertake asbestos removal within a very specific capacity, namely, the removals of non-licensed asbestos such as cement-based white asbestos sheets. This is a common type found in many guises, most noticeably in a corrugated sheet form on the roofs of many buildings.

As with all controlled wastes, the disposal of asbestos is done in compliance with SEPA's control measures, with the physical removals done in compliance with HSE-approved codes of practice (ACoP's) and the relevant regulations.
  • Removal of Hazardous Materials
  • Asbestos Information For Clients
  • Asbestos Survey Information
Soft Strip
Soft strip is a term used by demolition people to describe the internal preparation works that precede the demolition phase of a contract. In more recent times, the soft-strip works have become more popular as more and more companies choose to develop existing structures utilising the existing outer building over a full rebuild.

Plant Hire
One of the services offered by Forth Demolition Ltd is short-duration plant hire. All of our current plant range is available for hire and come with an operator. Our current range of plant includes the Doosan DX 255 LCV. Forth Demolition Ltd is part of the SPOA, and all hires are subject to those terms and conditions.


Products & Services

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Asbestos Services

Controlled Demolition

Site Clearance

Plant Hire

Asbestos Removal


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