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Queensway Industrial Estate
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County Fife

About Flexel International Limited

For the past 30 years, Flexel International has been dedicated to producing and supplying under-floor heating for many floor coverings including laminate, real wood, tile, stone, porcelain and marble.

Flexel International, based in Fife, Scotland, produce, supply and install radiant under-floor heating to more than 20 countries throughout the world. Flexel’s heating has low cost maintenance and is quick and relatively easy to install. The proven Flexel technology is out of sight, quiet, thermostatically controlled and helps to free up space in rooms.

Flexel’s dry radiant heating system works differently from conventional heating systems which rely on air movement to spread heat around a room. Radiant heat takes the form of waves, heating the surface of an object or a person in the room. From this, the surfaces then heats the rest of the room. Because the air is not circulated there are no draughts and dust is not spread, meaning that this method is one of the most hygienic, and the room is heated evenly.

Available in the Flexel Electric Underfloor Heating Systems range are Ecofilm, EcofilmSet, Ecofloor and Ecoflex.

Ecoflex cable kits are ideal for smaller installations or in rooms with irregular layouts. The system heats the maximum floor area. Ecofloor mats are ideal for installations where un-obscured floor space enables the simple un-rolling of the mat. The self adhesive design and pre-spaced heating cable ensure speed and ease of installation.

Ecofilm and EcofilmSet is the ideal way to heat wood and laminate floors. The ultra-thin, tough, carbon based film can be installed directly under the floor resulting in minimal floor height increase thus minimising installation time and costs.

EcofilmSet is supplied in three different widths (300mm, 500mm and 1000mm) and standard lengths between 2m and 8m in 0.5m increments. Individual lengths can be trimmed to length on site with scissors or a sharp knife to ensure best fit. Each Element is individually boxed in a robust retail display carton along with comprehensive installation instructions. Just select from the range of widths and lengths of EcofilmSet to give maximum floor coverage. Underfloor heating system design has never been easier!

Please note that with Flexel underfloor heating products the final electrical connections with the junction box and the thermostat must be completed by a qualified electrician.

Flexel heating element is composed of a carbon layer on a polyester film with electrical energy being brought into the heating film using two copper strips. This electrical energy is then transformed into thermal energy. This process provides a balanced heat distribution with a high economy rate. It is this durability and efficiency that has established Flexel International as one of the major under floor heating producers around the globe. Flexel International Limited produces a range of heating products which are individually suited to a wide range of applications including domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and horticultural, and can provide heaters for military applications, saunas, aircraft hangers and energy saving control systems.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Flexel heating systems are able to provide either full, comfort or background heating and are designed to give a normal operating temperature of 26-29 degrees. No maintenance is required and a ten year guarantee is provided for all Flexel systems plus a two year guarantee on all control panels and all of the systems are fully tested and are compliant with International Standard IEC 800. Flexel is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the sole accreditation body recognised by the government to assess organisations that provide testing, inspection and calibration services.

A 10 year guarantee is provided on systems plus a 2 year guarantee on all control panels.

For more info or a copy of our NEW trade catalogue please email or call 01592 760928.

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