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Eddie Fallon
25 Coulson Avenue
County Dublin 6

About FloorCAD

FloorCAD is the software of choice for the design, layout, production and dispatching of precast concrete slabs. This intelligent software reduces the slab cost per unit area with seamless integration to every part of the production process. If you want to grow your business without complex over-priced software packages, contact us today.

FloorCAD brings over 20 years of technical expertise to the field. Since FloorCAD was founded in 1992 it has become one of the fastest growing software solutions in the Hollowcore flooring and precast industries. FloorCAD has a global presence with agents in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. FloorCAD is the software of choice for leading brands in the industry including Acheson and Glover, Cronin Concrete Group, CharconCS, OranPrecast and many more.

FloorCAD is an major part of the Distilled Media group, the umbrella organisation that oversees major online brands including,, and

Everything you need, in one unified platform:

Designs & Calculations
Easily design complex slab profiles and test them to EuroCODE, (EC2), BS 8110 or ACI standard.

Each change in design or specification requires careful testing before production. Floorcad has the solution to complex spreadsheets or poorly integrated design packages.

Our Engineers have created calculation engines which will allow you to test each change in slab design with just a few mouse clicks. Our product is used by producers all over the world to the following safety standards:
  • British Standard -BS 8110
  • Eurocode – EN1168 & EC2
  • American Concrete Standard
We would be more than happy to perform some trial calculations on any slab plan you like, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Dynamically plan bed production, labeling and automate your production. Responsive and efficient production is the heart of a profitable business but planning and manufacturing precast slabs can be very challenging in a modern environment. FloorCAD has spent over 20 years developing a solution to ensure our users can respond quickly to changes and minimize waste. Our production package includes the following features:
  • Automatic Production Make Sheets
  • Automatic costing/quantities spreadsheets
  • Automatic Bed Layout with Smart sorting
  • Bed Plotter Integration
  • Full production history reporting
  • Choose how slabs should be cast (machine cast or wet cast)
  • Define bed size and bed layout
  • Produce automatic costing and quantities spreadsheets
  • Create production history reports
Quickly create loading plans , documentation and trailer requirements. Making sure slabs get delivered to the construction site in the correct order in minimum about of deliveries is crucial to keep costs to a minimum. FloorCAD has a highly customisable module for managing the dispatch of your slabs to site, with the following functionality:
  • Generate barcode labels for each individual slab
  • Optimise trailer loading plans
  • Multiple trailer configurations
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Comply with the latest BIM Level 2 standards and workflows. Data management and workflows are transforming the way the construction industry works and the precast concrete industry is no different. Working with BRICSCAD & Revit we have prepared a BIM module for our software.

Insulated Pre-cast
Insulated slabs or custom profile requirements? Use FloorCAD with ease. We have created a custom product tailored to those who produce insulated precast slabs. In summary we have completed the following improvements to our product:
  • Custom profiles and functionality for insulated slab ends
  • Floor Design to the latest EuroCode requirements
  • Automated work-order creation
  • Load planning & bed planning
  • Integration with Bed plotters for production
  • Functionality across AutoCAD 2006-2015 & Bricscad for both 32/64 bit



Best for Concrete Floor Slab Construction Software - Europe

In recent years our company has grown and prospered. We have a small team with two directors, two developers as well as agents for Poland and South Africa.

The software has flourished to become an ERP solution. It comprises the following:
1. Hollowcore design to BS, SABS and Eurocode.
2. Hollowcore layout linked to make sheets and trailer dispatch.
3. Beam and Block design and layout.
4. Staircase design and layout in 3D. See demo...
5. Stockyard management module.
6. Bed Plotter and saw management for machine cast beds.
7. Long term bed planning.
8. Real time management of slabs through scanning at both production and delivery stages.
9. Prestressed walling units spanning horizontally.
10. Column and corbel design - under development.

Since our inception over twenty years ago, the rental price of €4000 p.a. has stayed constant. As always, the rental covers everyone in the factory, be they designers, detailers, estimators or accountants. All have access.

We recommend the use of BricsCAD Pro. Our software also works with AutoCAD, but not the Lite version.
If you don't have adequate or suitable cad software, we supply one FREE license of BricsCAD Pro V17. But you must use this link to download it...
This offer is only available till the end of November as BricsCAD prices are due to increase at that time.
Given that all three of your staff are on an old version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD2010 x86, now would be the perfect time to make the move to BricsCAD as it is fully compatible with AutoCAD in terms of the features you currently use.

In August we were voted "Best for Concrete Floor Slab Construction Software - Europe" by build magazine.
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