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Mr D Brown
7 Netherhall
County Perth and Kinross
KY13 0RL

About ALD

Edge Lighting Made Easy
The team at Architectural Lighting Details has been in the design and build industry for over 30 years.

Our experience has allowed us to create many new and innovative ideas in the construction of a building for both new builds and refurbishments for the domestic and commercial markets. Our emphasis is on the quality of our design to produce an easy, cost-effective solution and our service reflects this in the products we supply.

Our background in the lighting industry has acted as a catalyst for our own unique extrusions and is just the beginning of an on-going system to create many easy solutions to all those awkward, costly and time-consuming elements of design.

Unique mouldings on our slim, easy-fit aluminium extrusions house both LED lights and cables. Gone is the bulky timber carcass for hidden recess. Simply glue and screw extrusions to the edge of 12 mm plasterboard. Save on space, time and money.

The ALD mould – perfect for a smooth plaster finish – makes edge lighting an option for all builds and budgets. Use this extrusion to install a wide range of LED product, edge any room in a halo of light.

ALD – your first fix for a cost-effective, discrete finish.

ALD’s Products
  • Extrusions
  • LED Options
  • Drivers
  • Interface
Flat Extrusion
This extrusion is designed to fix to the edge of 12mm plasterboard. A cost effective solution to edge lighting and suitable for a wide variety of applications from:
  • Ceiling and wall edge lights
  • Skirting light
  • Skirting tile
  • Skirting timber
  • Skirting vinyl
  • Textured wall cladding stop detail
  • Wall mirror panel
  • Wall panelling decorated
There is a specially designed recess suitable for running low voltage cables – especially useful for feeding the LED edge lighting.

Corner Extrusion
This extrusion is designed to fit on to right angle corners – verticle or horizontal. Without the need for complicated details this extrusion provides both a sharp corner detail and contains LED edge lighting proving to be a cost effective solution.
  • Edge lighting to beams
  • Edge lighting to roof lights and cupolas
  • Wall recesses and right angle corners
  • Curtain and blind lighting recess
  • Roof light edge light
“We have worked with David Brown of Architectural Lighting Details for over for 25 years, and share the same emphasis on projects where creative design solutions and quality of service are the focus.

We consider them partners in the project alongside Oakwhite, with their extensive knowledge and experience of product manufacturing and lighting control systems. The best lighting solutions are always those that are integrated into the detail and this is where their expertise is a great asset."

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