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Unit 2, Stirling Road Industrial Estate,
County Lanarkshire
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About Heras Ready Fence Ltd (Scotland)

Heras fences hire & sales
Heras Fencing offers you a wide and deep selection. We offer high-quality solutions for construction purposes, infrastructure and governmental use and event organisation. Fences with a longer service life.

Heras Mobile Fencing & Security Products
Heras Mobile believes a safe living and working environment is essential for carefree living. Our temporary fencing solutions make a significant contribution to achieving this goal.
  • Fences
  • Access
  • Project Security
  • Accessories
Heras Services for temporary fencing
Honest advice that takes into account your location and goals results in the right utilization of resources for sale or rental.
Including assembly instructions and impeccable logistics.

Advice and customized work
There is a world of difference between advice and a sales pitch. And because we so highly value long-term relationships, you can expect an honest story from us. That is the basis for trust and mutual understanding.

Transport and storage
Heras Mobile – the name says it all – must excel at logistical services. Agreements are agreements: speed, flexibility and accuracy for all deliveries
  • Assembly and maintenance
    Heras has clear-cut instructions available to you for the construction and disassembly of its temporary fencing constructions.

  • Rental
    When it comes to temporary fencing, Heras Hire & Sales offers all our products on a hire or sale basis for collection or delivery across the UK. Whether you need Heras mesh, hoarding, barriers or specialist products we can help.

  • Wind Loading
    Our products can withstand wind speeds upto 100mph for mesh and 70mph for hoarding. For site specific calculations please contact our National Control Centre on 0844 4720011.

  • Trade Account
    At Heras Hire & Sales we are pleased to offer customers the facility of a trade account.
We are not there yet, but we are doing our absolute best to increase the sustainability of our products and services. We endorse the strict Health Safety & Environment policy of our parent company CRH plc.

For more information please feel free to Contact us

Reviews & Testimonials for Heras Ready Fence Ltd (Scotland)

5 star review
October 21, 2019
“Heras have provided Farrans with an adaptable solution to hoarding our site in an urban environment where the site perimeter is frequently changing in order to accommodate our works. We can easily adjust the hoarding to suit our needs, ensuring our site is secure and as safe as possible for both our workers and the public. Heras also coated the panels to match Farrans company colours giving the site a smart and professional appearance.”
Testimonial by
Farrans Construction
5 star review
October 21, 2019
We were asked by Tarmac to look at resolving a problem they were having in securely temporary closing roads to the public to allow safe vehicle access and entry.
We were asked to solve this as the Tarmac contact did not want to keep spending so much money on replacing cones due to theft, and the setting up each time was very labour intensive.
Initial requirements were for expandable barrier. We manufactured the barrier and sent this for trial. It then evolved after an initial trial with some of his workforce, that a safety chain need to be added so it didn’t open whilst carrying to reduce the risk of trapped fingers.
On the first trial Tarmac immediately saw the effects, as far as time was concerned and that lone workers can use them and deploy them in seconds, and they can be easily transported on their transit vans.
Testimonial by
Heras Ready Fence Ltd (Scotland). 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.



Traffic management equipment: the strongest solution for your building site

When building in a high-traffic zone, you are obliged to install proper traffic management equipment to decrease the chance of incidents occurring. Especially around airport terminals, buildings and roads where passengers need to follow designated pathways, highly visible and strong pedestrian guard guides are essential. How do you choose the safest and strongest traffic management equipment for your building site?

MASS PedGuard Nant-y-Moel A4061 8250_bewerkt
Selecting traffic management installations — what to take into account
To protect members of the public as well as your employees when building in a busy traffic zone, the installation of high-quality traffic management equipment — which has been thoroughly tested — is crucial.

However, not every traffic management installation is as safe as it should be. Below, I specify some critical requirements to take into account when choosing your traffic management products:

Effectively increasing pedestrian safety
The most important goal of traffic management products is to protect pedestrians in busy traffic zones and decrease the chance of incidents happening. This means that in case a vehicle drives into one of your traffic demarcation products, passers-by should be protected from any harm done.

High-quality traffic management products have been tested thoroughly to be able to guarantee safety. When an installation has withstood a crash test you know this installation will keep pedestrians around your building site safe in case of an accident.

Traffic management installations should be highly visible from a distance. Bright colours like red, white and yellow help to attract the attention of drivers even when there’s a limited amount of light.

Anti-climb fencing
In busy traffic zones, you want to guide pedestrians safely along a designated pathway so they do not come in contact with any vehicles. However, standard construction site fencing with wide spacing mesh can be easily climbed on, which can result in dangerous situations. Make sure to choose for an anti-climb fence for your installation to secure pedestrian safety.

Wind resistant
Imagine what could happen if your traffic management fencing would fall over and land on a busy road. The consequences would be enormous. Make sure to accompany your fences with sturdy and robust base units so they are wind resistant.

Simple assembly
Besides protecting members of the public, traffic management equipment should be easy to assemble so your employees can increase safety around your building site in a matter of minutes.

MASS SiteGuard Midland Bridge Rd 837_bewerktMASS SiteGuard Midland Bridge Rd 814_bewerkt

M.A.S.S.: the strongest solution for your building site
As a constructor, you are looking for a comprehensive traffic management solution which helps you increase safety around your building site and reduce the chance of accidents happening.

The Heras Multi Applicational Safety System (M.A.S.S.) is designed to provide constructors with an all-in-one solution for the traffic management challenges around their building site. M.A.S.S. consists of a strong base unit made of galvanized steel elements powder coated in highly visible safety colours. Because of these bright colours, the base unit is highly visible for vehicles from afar.

The M.A.S.S. top sections can be added onto the base units as specific jobs might demand, for instance to guide pedestrians safely around your building site. These strong, anti-climb fences help you to create safe pathways for pedestrians while the base units make sure your fences will stay in place, even when high winds create a possible risk.

Another advantage? The M.A.S.S. equipment is extremely quick and easy to assemble due to its unique plug-in section. Maximum safety is achieved together with a minimum of traffic-flow disruption during the assembly period. Assembly, dismantling and repositioning requires minimal time.

How M.A.S.S. traffic management can help you increase safety
A high-quality traffic management installation helps you to safely guide pedestrians around your site and create a safe work environment for your employees.
The British Standard for temporary fencing: what are the consequences if your fences don’t comply?

To date, still too many accidents happen on building sites in the UK. A large part of these accidents are to do with the use of temporary fencing that is not suitable and correctly stabilised. Inferior fences that do not secure the site properly can result in unauthorised people entering the construction site, or people injuring themselves on the inferior material. In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents, a British Standard for free-standing fencing was created. What are the British Standards and what consequences does it have for you as a user of temporary fences? In this blog, I will answer these questions in more detail.


What is the British Standard?

The British Standards are technical guidelines on the application of a certain product drawn up by the UK National Standards Body. For the use of free-standing temporary steel mesh fencing panels, a special version of the British Standard (1722-18:2011) has been created. This standard for the application of panels is set up by manufacturing parties to increase safety within the construction industry. You can purchase the standard here.

Using inferior materials when constructing a temporary fence around a construction site can result in dangerous situations. The British Standard for temporary works attempts to increase safety in the industry by setting up guidelines for the use of panels. The 40-page long document specifies what a panel should look like, what it should be made of and how it should be installed.

The British Standard provides construction companies with a framework for creating a safe building site for both their workers as well as people living close to the site. It specifies the whole process of the panel, from how it is made, to how it should be installed. These specifications provide guidelines when buying or renting panels. As long as you as a constructor are reaching the British Standard, you know you’ve taken the right measures to ensure safety on your building site.

What are the consequences of the British Standard for constructors?

The British Standard was set up many years ago as a guide to help construction companies increase safety. Nowadays, the British Standard has become an important point of reference which is taken very seriously by the industry. Nevertheless, the British Standard is not proper legislation. It’s merely a guideline which you could choose to follow.

Although not following the British Standard will not result in a fine or an indictment, most construction companies in Great-Britain follow the guidelines diligently. Firstly, because they want to minimize the risk of accidents happening on their building site. Secondly, because if an accident happens and the authorities will investigate the circumstances, you as a constructor will be asked why you did not follow the safety guidelines. Not following the British Standard will most-likely negatively influence the outcome the investigation.

The benefits of using fences that comply

The use of panels which comply with the British Standard is essential in creating a safe building site for both your workers as well as bystanders. But there are more advantages to using fences that comply.

Firstly, high-quality fencing helps you secure your building site properly which reduces the risks of thieves or vandalists entering your building site. By using fences that comply with the British Standard, you minimise theft and site vandalism, which helps you save costs.

Choosing inferior fencing might be interesting because of its reasonable pricing, but in the long run, this choice will only cost you money. Another benefit of using fences that comply with the British Standard is that they are made of high-quality materials and are installed correctly. Inferior quality products which are installed incorrectly have to be re-erected more frequently which can result in high costs. Although high-quality fences require a higher investment in the beginning, they’re far more sustainable in the long run.

What are the risks of using fences that don’t comply?

There are so many different types of panels available on the market that as a constructor it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The British Standard offers you guidelines on choosing a panel that meets all safety requirements. If you select a panel that is not fabricated in accordance with the standard, the chance of hazardous situations occurring on your building site is much higher.

For example, panels can become dangerous objects when the weather suddenly deteriorates. When the wind power increases, panels which are not installed and anchored correctly can be easily lifted up from the ground. After that happens, you have no control of the panels anymore and they could easily hurt or injure workers or bystanders.

However, it is not only in special circumstances that a panel can become a dangerous object. When panels are not fabricated in accordance
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Units 1-3, Prothero Industrial Estate, Bilport Lane, Wednesbury, WS10 0NT
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