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Unit 5 Strawberry Lane Industrial Estate
Strawberry Lane
County West Midlands
WV13 3RS

About Ceildoor Products Limited

Ceildoor Products manufacture a range of high quality standard and bespoke Access Panels which are specified by Architects and supplied to building Contractors and Distributors across the UK and overseas. Our products include our unique Unihatch 360° hinge system, Airtight features for clean-room environments and Anti-Tamper lock mechanisms. Browse our website for our full range of Access Panels.

Established in 1991, with our Head Office and manufacturing facilities in the West Midlands, Ceildoor Products remains one of the leading British manufacturers and suppliers of Access Panels and Access Hatches for ceilings and walls.

Genuine Products by a Genuine Manufacturer
Ceildoor are unique for being a UK based manufacturer of Access Panels only selling what we produce. Our Access Panels are made using the highest quality traceable raw materials from UK suppliers – all made using 1mm zintec steel protected by a full polyester powder coating.

  • Non Fire Rated Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings
    Our Non Fire Rated / Standard Access Panels incorporate unique features that make it the most versatile Access Panel and inspection hatch for wall and ceiling cavities. With our unique patented Unihatch design, our Non-Fire Rated Access Panel offers a range of in-built options within a compact and lightweight unit.

  • Fire Rated (1hr) Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings
    Ceildoor’s 1 Hour Fire Rated Access Panels meet UK Building Regulations and have been tested by Exova Warringtonapt for Thermal Resistance and by Exova Warringtonfire for fire resistance to provide 60 minutes integrity performance.

  • Fire Rated (2hr) Access Panels for Walls and Ceilings
    Ceildoor’s 2 Hour Fire Rated and shaftwall Access Panels have been externally tested by Exova Warringtonapt for Thermal Resistance and by Exova Warringtonfire for Fire Resistance for 120 minutes integrity performance.

  • Acoustic Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings
    Our Acoustic Access Panels are designed to reduce airborne sound passing through access points making them ideal for use in environments that require sound containment.

  • Air-Tight Access Panels for Walls and Ceilings
    Ceildoor’s Air-Tight Access Panel features a combined high-density gasket sealing system and fully polyester powder-coated zintec door which protects the cavity behind the Access Panel from being penetrated by dust, moisture and air. This dual gasket sealing system becomes a highly effective barrier once closed.

  • Tiled Wall Access Panels
    The Chameleon Access Panel door is one of our most versatile features (also see our Unihatch™ range). Virtually any material from ceramic tiles to rigitone can be inserted into the compact and lightweight door with protected edges. The Chameleon Access Panel can also have a flangeless frame designed, a recessed board or insert is fitted into the lightweight door tray, to allow the completed Access Panel to sit flush with the surrounding wall or ceiling and match the rest of the surrounding interior.

  • Circular Access Panels For Ceilings
    Our circular designs answer the need for Access Panels that provide an alternative to square panels for more bespoke interiors. The bead frame options utilises our unique Uniskim bead profile for the perfect plaster skim finish around the edge.

  • Exposed Grid Access Panels For Ceilings
    Ceildoor’s Exposed Grid Access Panels fit within exposed grid ceilings which are designed to blend in with the modular aesthetics seamlessly but still allow easy access to the ceiling cavity behind. The tile is easily installed into the Access Panel’s tray enabling the door face to take on the finish of the preferred pattern of this type of ceiling system.

  • Bespoke Access Panels
    We supply a wide selection of Access Panels to meet the needs of industry, but because we manufacture our Access Panels in the UK, we can go that extra mile and manufacture Bespoke Access Panels.

  • Anti-Tamper Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings
    Our Anti-Tamper Access Panel is designed to be used in areas where security against tampering is required. The Anti-Tamper lock system incorporates a leaf spring steel lock to add extra torque to the movement of the latch when opened or closed to assist in the prevention of tampering.

  • Slim Access Panels for Walls and Ceilings
    Ceildoor’s Slim Access Panels boast a 25mm frame which is no deeper than the diameter of a 2p coin! Designed to fit in areas where space is restricted, their 25mm frame make them the slimmest Access Panels in our product range.

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