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About RGL

RGL provides ultra high pressure water jetting services for a wide variety of industry sectors.

With over 30 years experience, we have a mountain of knowledge on how to make water jets solve problems that other processes simply can’t fix.

As a consequence, we have pioneered many industry solutions which are cheaper, safer, quicker and more environmentally-friendly than alternative methods. Whatever your requirements are, we have a vast array of pumps, tools and accessories, giving us the capability to precision-cut the hardest materials in some of the most challenging locations.

Concrete Hydrodemolition
The technique of using high pressure (HP) or ultra high pressure (UHP) water jets to cut and remove concrete from a structure is known within civil engineering as hydrodemolition.

The principal benefit is that the water jet leaves steel reinforcements and/or structural embedments undamaged and ready for re-use. This method is widely used in the alteration or repair of structures in many industry sectors.

Surface Preparation and Coatings Removal
Using ultra high pressure water jets to clean or prepare surfaces is known as “hydroblasting”. This is the process in which ultra high pressure jets (without abrasive additives) are used to remove paint, rust, primers, bitumen, epoxies and other coatings from almost any surface. The process does not cause damage to the underlying facade or generate any heat or dust. Hydroblasting also creates a perfectly clean (free from chemicals and non-visual contamination) surface on which new coatings can be applied.

Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting
An abrasive water jet will cut any substance without heat or spark – so is ideal for cutting applications where there is a risk of fire or explosion.

This is a safe and precise method of cold cutting tanks and pipes for plant upgrades, maintenance, removal, repair, inspection or disinvestment. Irrespective of the type or thickness of metal, lining type or substrate material, our water jets will almost certainly cut it.

This powerful cutting process removes a minimal amount of material and creates no heat-affected zone, thus preserving the structural integrity of the substrate. It does not alter metallurgical properties, nor does it have any of the fire or explosion risks associated with alternative hot cutting methods.

Tube Cleaning
Water jetting is a highly effective, non-destructive method of cleaning heat exchangers and condenser tube bundles that have become blocked or fouled with scale or product.

RGL’s portable rotary, rigid and flexible UHP lancing systems enable us to remove blockages from previously uncleanable bundles. The system is capable of tackling vertical, horizontal, straight or U-bend bundles with tubes as small as 10mm in diameter.

Pipeline Cleaning
This is an innovative method of using high pressure water jetting to clean process pipelines of restrictions or blockages. Material such as scale, sludge and redundant linings can also be removed. Our Rotoream technology is capable of cleaning hundreds of meters from a single access point and can successfully negotiate multiple bends.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning
As any producer of chemical products will be aware, the problems caused by build up of contamination on vessel sides, agitator shafts and blade surfaces can be a major one. Product build up results in commercial inefficiencies, the risk of downstream contamination and the mixing equipment becoming impossible, to service or repair. Damage to components can occur when the disassembly of contaminated shafts and bearing housings is attempted.

Drain and Sewer Descaling & Obstruction Removal
This is an innovative method of using UHP water jetting to clean drains and sewers of restrictions and blockages. In industrial and commercial environments, the substances causing blockages are often harder and more difficult to remove than those found in domestic drains.

Innovations & Custom Tooling
We are often asked by customers if we are able to deploy our water jetting nozzles in situations where access is either restricted, or it is not possible to safely use an operator.

We have solved problems involving:
  • Decontamination of nuclear and normally occurring radiation in the oil exploration and power generation sectors.
  • Underwater cold cutting for the marine sector.
  • Specialist demolition techniques for cutting underground pipelines from within for the nuclear decommissioning sector.
  • For the civil engineering sector, we are specialists at providing non-percussive cutting or scabbling concrete using hydrodemolition.



ISO14001 Accreditation

We are proud to announce we have now achieved the ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation to add to our existing ISO9001 Quality Management and OHSAS18001 Health and Saftey Management accreditations.
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