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Cloburn Quarry Company

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County Lanarkshire
ML11 8SR

About Cloburn Quarry Company

Cloburn Quarry Company
Cloburn Quarry is Europe's leading red granite producer. Located in Scotland, our products have an international reputation and are used as far afield as America and Japan - we delivery worldwide by rail, sea and road, with trains now leaving daily from our newly opened railhead.

Cloburn granite is extremely durable and is widely used in high specification concrete and asphalt as well as decorative finishes where colour is required.

As well as a modern crushing, screening and washing plant, Cloburn Quarry has a ready mix concrete plant and an asphalt coating plant. At Cloburn we produce a wide range of products to suit most applications. Our products comply with all relevant UK and EU specifications and can also be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Domestic Products
Whether you want to improve the look of your home with driveway chippings or garden pebbles, or whether you’re a large business looking for landscaping materials, Cloburn Quarry offers the products to meet your requirements.

20mm Red Aggregate Driveway Gravel
Designed for driveways and landscaped features, the Cloburn Quarry 20mm red decorative aggregate driveway gravel is a high strength, extremely durable red crushed granite that will transform the look of any property. The number one choice for landscaping architects and builders merchants, this high quality driveway material is also available for delivery direct to your door.

14mm Aggregate Path Chippings
Popular for domestic paths and commonly used for garden gravel to surround rockery stones, Cloburn Quarry 14mm red decorative aggregate is comfortable underfoot and instantly eye-catching. Hard wearing, cost effective and virtually maintenance free, our hard stone chippings can be delivered in bulk bags direct to your door.

10mm Red Aggregate Pathway Gravel
An attractive choice for paths and any features with lighter traffic, Cloburn Quarry 10mm pathway chippings can rejuvenate the look and feel of your property. One of the most popular decorative aggregates available this is a popular choice for gardens as it is an effective way of adding natural colour and contrast to a variety of settings.

Commercial Products
No matter how large or small your commercial endeavour may be, Cloburn Quarry has the products to transform a project. Specialising in aggregates, pebbles and gravel, Cloburn Quarry has a host of decorative aggregates available that can be used for small scale projects such as garden gravel and driveway chippings; or that can be used for large scale commercial projects such as sports surfaces, golf courses and car parks. The Cloburn Quarry driveway pebbles are sought-after around the world with their natural colour adding to a property’s value and their durability allowing customers to enjoy peace of mind that their driveway will be virtually maintenance-free.

Cloburn Quarry may date back more than 100 years, but its beautiful red granite has never been more popular with a wide variety of applications. In its most common form, Cloburn Red is used for domestic landscaping. It has become a hallmark of gardens and driveways across the UK and beyond with its decorative aggregates proving ideal for walkways, pathways and driveways, as well as for rockery stones. The texture of the granite is soft enough to feel good under foot, while its real strength lies in its durability with customers knowing that once they have put Cloburn Quarry granite in place they won’t have to worry about the condition of their driveways for the rest of their lifetime.


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