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Franki Foundations UK Ltd

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01489 796989
Alistar McDonald
Unit 2 Sharlands Road Ind Park
Sharlands Road

About Franki Foundations UK Ltd

The Piling Without The Spoil Specialists

Founded in 1994 and now part of the Franki Foundation Group Belgium; Able Piling are a well established contractor providing foundation solutions to a wide variety of clients.

We utilise our experience and knowledge to provide services including:
  • The Design of the Foundation or Soil Retaining Solutions
  • Steel Cased Driven Piles
  • Sectional Augered Mini Piles
  • CFA Piles
  • Rotary Bored Piles
  • ATLAS displacement piles - THE GREEN piling system
  • Contiguous and Secant Piled Walls
  • Ground Anchors / Micro Piles
  • Diaphragm Walls and Barrettes
  • Pile Testing
  • Ground Beams and Slabs
  • Jet Grouting

We are CHAS acredited and members of both The Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors and Construction-line.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

ATLAS Auger Displacement
The ATLAS Soil Displacement Pile is formed by inserting a short auger into the ground whilst applying rotation and pressure. The auger displaces the ground to form a bore without removing any material. As the presses is similar to the insertion of a screw than a drill the maximum pile capacity is achieved.

The unique purpose built ATLAS rigs have torque ratings above 40tonne meters enabling the piles to be formed in a wide variety of soils. During the extraction of the auger concrete is introduced through the hollow stem of the auger. The auger is withdrawn at a controlled rate and the piles flanges are formed. Piles are cast to the platform level prior to the insertion of a reinforcement cage. Pile loads of up to 2000kN can be catered for, dependent on ground conditions.

OMEGA Auger Displacement
A straight shafted augered concrete pile
No spoil or arisings brought to the surface
Vibration free installation

CFA Piling
Continuous Flight Auger piles are similar to the ATLAS pile but the auger removes the soil. Thus creating a cost and no enhancement of capacity. Similar to the ATLAS piles they cause no vibration during installation and are thus suitable for installation in built up areas and against sensitive structures.

Driven Steel Cased
Permanently cased steel piles are formed by bottom driving thin wall mild steel tube. A dry charge or plug is placed in the lead tube toe and then located on the rig. The pile and rig are located over the pile position and the pile driven by the use of an internal drop hammer sticking the plug within. Subsequent follow on tubes are added by welding the swaged socket joints between. Piles can be driven to a design length or “set”. Reinforcement to aid the connection of the pile to the pile cap or ground beam is inserted in the casing prior to filling with concrete to complete the pile. Typical loads achievable are up to 275kN for a 220mm diameter casing, Piles between 100 and 300mm can be driven with small rigs able to pass through standard doorways.

Restricted access CFA
Piles are formed either by the insertion of a single length of continuously flighted auger (CFA) or by multiple sections prior to the injection of concrete through the augers hollow stem and into the bore as the auger is extracted. At no time is an open bore formed thus piles can be made in wet unstable ground conditions. The restricted access machines of 5 to 15T weight can form piles from 300 to 600mm diameters up to 30m depth (soil conditions permitting). Piles are cast to the platform level prior to the insertion of a reinforcement cage.

Ground Beams and Piled Slabs
We can design and construct the full foundation up to damp proof level. Systems and designs can include heave protection as necessary.


Franki Foundations UK Ltd General Description

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