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Neat Products Ltd

Neat Products Ltd Contact Details

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01535 640235
Mr Philip Hall
The Old Chapel, Halifax Road
Cross Roads
County West Yorkshire
BD22 9BG

About Neat Products Ltd

We specialise in supplying hand tools to the construction industry i.e. plastering, brick-laying, concreting and adhesive laying tools.


  • Bucket Trowel
  • Concrete Edging Trowel
  • Flooring Trowel
  • High Density Poly Float
  • Stainless Steel Float
  • Tile Grouting Float
Alloy Section
  • Aluminium Floor Screed/ Straight Edge
  • Aluminium Screed
  • Aluminium Square
  • Magnetic Based Spirit Level
  • Plasterers Darby
  • Plasterers Feather Edge
  • Straight Edge Level

Lifting Equipment
  • Board Trolley (Heavy Duty)
  • Brick Lifter
  • Door Lifter
  • Double Suction Glass And Marble Lifter
  • Kerb Lifter
  • Plaster Board Lifter
  • Slab Lifter
Floor Scrapers
  • Floor Scraper
  • Plasterers Joint Rules
  • Taping Knifes

Other Products
  • Builders Buckets
  • Cotton Twill Dust Sheets
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Platform
  • Heavy Duty Yard Brush
  • Mixing Paddles
  • Mortar Mixing Tray
  • Mortar Tub
  • Piego Tower
  • Plasterers Bath
  • Plasterers Poly Darby
  • Plasterers Poly Mixing Wheel
  • Plasterers PVC Hawk
  • Plastic Hawk
  • Power Mixer 1000w
  • Power Mixer 1800w
  • Step Up Platform
  • Supa Stilt
  • Universal Mixer
  • Mortar Stand Top Board
  • Plasterers Mortar Stand With Top Board

As well as supplying traditional hand tools we work closely with the tradesmen, valuing their input towards the development of new innovative products.

With over 25 years' experience in the tool industry, our knowledge of the products available throughout the world is extensive. We are always sourcing and supplying products for our customers.

If there is anything you require which is not listed in our brochure, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Reviews & Testimonials for Neat Products Ltd

5 star review
February 22, 2015
Mr Hall maintains the most exacting standards in the materials and equipment he supplies. I bought from him a 3 metre aluminium straightedge of a very high level of machined accuracy at a very reasonable price. His workshop displays the wide range of materials and products he can supply and demonstrates his ability to make customised products to order.
Review by
Jeffrey Taylor
Neat Products Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


Products & Services

Straight Edge Level

Aluminium Screed

Universal Mixer

Plasterers Bath

Piego Tower

Mortar Tub

Mortar Mixing Tray

Mixing Paddles

Heavy Duty Yard Brush

Heavy Duty Aluminium Platform

Taping Knifes

Plasterers Joint Rules

Floor Scraper

Slab Lifter

Plaster Board Lifter

Kerb Lifter

Double Suction Glass And Marble Lifter

Door Lifter

Brick Lifter

Board Trolley (Heavy Duty)

Builders Buckets

Tile Grouting Float

Stainless Steel Float

High Density Poly Float

Flooring Trowel

Concrete Edging Trowel

Bucket Trowel

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