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Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited

Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited Contact Details

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Annette Benton
Unit 14, Hedgend Industrial Estate
Shuart Lane, St Nicholas
County Kent

About Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited

Our services extend to site inspections, specification writing and coatings inspection work. We are members of the Institute of Corrosion, and our team of highly trained technical specialists, who are located throughout the country and abroad, are here to help you.

In simple terms, you know what you want to paint, and we can offer the expert advice and products to fulfil your requirement.

About Us
With over seventy-five years of high-tech coatings experience behind us, the team of Brantho-Korrux specialists are certain to be conversant with your material requirements.

We are always happy to discuss your paint needs on a one-to one basis, and to be accountable for our recommendations. You can always ring us to discuss your requirements, and we can develop our business relationship thereafter.

We really are a tailor-made coatings company. Contact us by phone, fax or email, and we'll send you a brochure and colour card by Return.

What is Brantho Korrux 3 in 1?
Brantho-Korrux '3 in 1' is a one-component semi-gloss coating, with excellent adhesion and elasticity. Low solvents content, active rust-inhibitive pigments, excellent hiding power, both suitable as a primer or a finish. Excellent resistance properties, German approval for food contact, can be applied on practically all sorts of substrate, good filling properties, good edge covering and fast drying.

A Primer, Undercoat and Top Coat in 1 Coating
At last, a fast, simple, effective, single-pack coating system which frequently out-performs even the best quality two-pack epoxy systems.

Versatility and Durability
Almost all surfaces can be over painted with Brantho-Korrux '3 in 1', including many plastics, uPVC, powder coatings, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, mild steel, galvanised steel, most previous coatings, fibreglass, cast iron, masonry, timber, Plastisol cladding,even ceramics subject to all types of exposures, from immersion, elevated temperature and chemicals to abrasion.

Seldom does a single coating provide such a wide-ranging opportunity for beautification and protection on so many Surfaces

Branth Chemie, Germany, have been producing Brantho-Korrux '3 in 1' since 1956, and to this day still maintain a policy of continuous improvement. The company started producing coatings as far back as 1887.

'3 in 1' is an entirely unique material, with unsurpassed quality, ease of application and independently tested to ISO performance standards.

Quality and Performance
The Coating carries the TUV quality mark.
It also meets the performance requirements of ISO 12944-6.
NORSOK M-501 - Part 6 - System 1
North Sea Oil Rigs

It's Kind to You
Brantho-Korrux '3 in 1' is kind to you and the environment. It does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons such as xylene or toluene (both of which are commonly found in other coatings), or lead or chromate pigments. Under current legislation there s no need to put health and safety warnings on the can, and you won't find the "dead tree" or "dead fish" symbols either.

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Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited General Description

Protective and specialist paints and Coatings. PLEASE MENTION BRANTHO20 WHEN CONTACTING
Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited Branches
Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited
Unit 14, Hedgend Industrial Estate, Shuart Lane, St Nicholas, Birchington, CT7 0NB
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Independent Protective Coatings Services Limited
Unit 14, Hedgend Industrial Estate, Shuart Lane, St Nicholas, Birchington, CT7 0NB
Independent Protective Coatings Services Ltd
Unit 14, Hedgend Industrial Estate, Shuart Lane, St Nicholas, Birchington, CT7 0NB
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