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About Soprema UK Limited

SOPREMA is an international manufacturer, offering innovative and cost effective waterproofing, insulation and soundproofing solutions and services both directly and through our network of distribution partners – enabling our customers to Build Better Buildings.

What Do We Offer

  • Training
    We are committed to providing ongoing training for construction workers who specialise in the installation of waterproofing products.

  • Technical Support
    Providing roof surveys, core samples & condition reports, design and technical advice, training, technical documentation and CAD drawings.

  • Research and Development
    Sustainable development and limiting environmental impact are at the core of our Research and Development policy.

  • U value calculator
    As well as providing drainage, windload, and WuFi calculations, you can also obtain a U-Value calculation using our on-line tool.

SOPREMA has over a century of experience manufacturing and developing highly efficient and reliable waterproofing systems in line with the ever-changing demands of the construction industry. One of the leading innovators in our field, we offer waterproofing solutions that range from bituminous waterproofing and liquid waterproofing to PVC waterproofing and TPO waterproofing (synthetic waterproofing). Our DUOFLEX Hot Melt structural waterproofing system is characterised by low lifecycle costs, self-healing properties and unrivalled waterproofing performance for inverted flat roof and podium deck applications.

SOPREMA is not only recognised as a global leader in waterproofing, but also in insulation. Insulating buildings with durable, efficient and high-quality products and systems becomes increasingly important to help the current housing stock become futureproof, making it more energy-efficient and sustainable, and to adapt it to the changing climate.

SOPREMA manufactures both thermal and acoustic insulation systems. We offer a wide range of EPS and XPS roof insulation boards of varying thickness, as well as PIR insulation. In addition, we lead the way in natural insulation with PAVATEX, a range of wood fibre insulation products with excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Green Roof
Extensive green roofs (or sedum roofs) and intensive green roofs offer plenty of advantages. Turning mineral surfaces into green oases and creating new ecosystems, they reduce the urban heat island effect, increase biodiversity, improve water retention and filtration, and have excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation qualities.

We provide regular green roof solutions that can easily be installed on all SOPREMA roofing and waterproofing systems, as well as inverted green roof systems with standard insulation or eco insulation. SOPREMA’s solutions for green roofs are specially designed with light weight, low maintenance, and ease of design and installation in mind. Interested in our products or systems? Please contact us for details.

Solar Energy
Solutions for solar energy management. From photovoltaic mounting systems to coatings and primers for cool roofs: SOPREMA has you covered when it comes to solar energy management on flat roofs. Our cool roofing products include ALSAN REFLECTROOF PRIMER, a white pigmented, fast‐curing PMMA-based primer, and ALSAN REFLECTROOF COATING, a stable, abrasion- and UV-resistant, pigmented methyl methacrylate-based resin formulation that is fast-curing, solvent-free and helps increase the reflectivity of bitumen and asphalt substrates. For solar panel roofing or solar roofs, our SOPRASOLAR FIX attachment system (with its rail protectors, support clips and speed clips) helps create a solar roof system of rigid photovoltaic panels directly on top of a waterproofing membrane.

Civil Engineering
SOPREMA’s synthetic waterproofing (FLAGON) and bituminous waterproofing (ANTIROCK) product lines are suited to any type of civil engineering project, no matter its size or complexity. When it comes to synthetic waterproofing, we offer both TPO and PVC membranes that are bound to meet your project requirements, such as high resistance to wearing, tearing and puncture.

Looking for solutions for waterproofing road bridges, rail bridges, basins, parking decks, dams, tunnels or other civil engineering structures? SOPREMA has got you covered with a product offer ranging from engineering membranes to primers and sealers, and even installation equipment. In the latter category, we have the MACADEN, a fully automatic machine with two hot air nozzles for installing thermofusible bituminous rolls on bridges and carparks, and the MINI-MACADEN, a smaller, self-propelled and self-guided machine for laying bituminous membranes.

From ready-to-use emulsion primers and cold applied bituminous primers like AQUADERE STICK and ELASTOCOL 600 to waterproofing membranes such as COLPHENE: SOPREMA provides high-quality and easy-to-apply solutions for waterproofing basement walls and floors. The COLPHENE waterproofing range offers premium performance and durability for any below-ground waterproofing project.


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