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Mr Ian Garden
445 Oakshott Place
County Lancashire
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About Quality Essential Distribution Ltd

Leading Security and CCTV Distributor

Specialists in Security Surveillance Solutions and Equipment Distribution.
Quality Essential Distribution was established in 1997 and we have built a strong reputation working within the construction sector.

We offer fast and effective solutions for the security and safety of people and property. Our product range is reliable, high quality and cost effective and we’re approved distributors for CCTV systems, access control management, network infrastructure, heat tracking and hygiene control systems, switches, cable, data cabinets and more.

Site protection
We recommend the NEXUS Fire Alert System which is specifically designed for construction sites. Nexus Fire Alert is specifically aimed at construction sites which, by law, must have a visual AND audible alert to fire.

"The protection of part builds and timber frames buildings in general was high on our list of priorities when we designed the Nexus Fire Alert system and these specially adapted heat and smoke detectors give all those concerned with construction site safety peace of mind."

Site Security Surveillance 24/7
The CCTV systems we offer are designed for the protection of construction sites with infra-red for night detection, alerts directly to your guards on site and are easy to install and maintain. External detection is more important than ever with site vandalism and burglary on the increase and we can help you find the perfect system to install to protect site equipment and people.

No power required
Wireless PIR detection systems are also available and are ideal for installation in void properties. You can also move to another site location as and when you need to.

Site Access
Site access control is extremely important we have all the security solutions you need for door, gate or turnstile access control enabling you to protect your site staff, visitors and give you security of mind.

In addition, the new Steriloc “touchless” hand sanitisation system can be simply installed and works standalone or it can link it with onsite access control.

Heat tracking and Thermal imaging
Handheld thermal imaging cameras can detect the temperature of anyone visiting he site before they enter. It enables you to scan everyone and give you an early warning and prevent the potential spread of COVID.

Contact the Quality Essential Distribution team for a bespoke consultation and access to Uniview Easy Range at trade prices on 01772 336 111, or via email at



New starters: internal promotions and supporting young workers.

Joel is promoted internally from Warehouse to Purchasing.

Quality Essential Distribution is focused on providing the best customer experience by continuing to streamline business operations and invest in training and development within the team, this follows the promotion of Matt Philp to Managing Director back in October 2020.

Matt said, “we believe knowledge and sharing business experience is so important to the success of any team; it helps expand product knowledge which is ultimately of benefit to all our customers. We’re also proud to support apprenticeships and reward and promote staff who continue to learn and contribute to the success of the business”.

After joining the business in 2016 and completing an apprenticeship, Joel has been internally promoted to Purchasing and Customer Services Assistant.

Joel said, “I enjoyed my time in the warehouse and always wanted to do more. The company really encouraged me and have supported me in gaining more qualifications and office experience. I’m thrilled to take on this new role and to see where it will take me in the business.”

Supporting young workers amid the pandemic

Over 14 percent of people aged 16 – 24 were unemployed in the United Kingdom in the three months to January 2021: the highest of any age group. In the past 6 months, QED has brought in two new young recruits: Iasmina who joined in October to support sales and Brandon who will be working in the warehouse.

Brandon took on the role of Warehouse Assistant following Joel’s promotion.

Brandon said “I’ve always been a hands-on person who likes keeping actively busy. This role couldn’t have suited me better. The team have been really welcoming and friendly and I can’t wait to learn more from them.”

Quality Essential Distribution is also expanding the sales team, launching a new website and introducing a new online shop which will improve the online experience.

Catherine Seddon, Marketing and Comms Manager, QED Ltd. Contact Tel: 01772 336111 or email
About QED

Quality Essential Distribution was established 1997 and we have grown from strength to strength.

A security distributor that offers fast and effective solutions for the security and safety of people and property. We are approved distributors of a variety of product ranges including CCTV, access control management, network infrastructure, heat tracking and hygiene control systems, switches, cable, data cabinets and more.

QED Group can be found online at


Apprenticeships at QED - hear from the apprentices.

Quality Essential Distribution (QED) has always been huge advocates for earning whilst learning.

Matt Philp, Managing Director, QED, said: "We're strong believers that young people who choose a different path to university are just as capable, and rooted deep in our business values is supporting young people to excel not only in their area of study, but in life. In fact, a lot of our young workforce began their journey with us as apprentices: each now on their own paths, thriving in their own amazing way!"

MEET OLIVIA - marketing apprentice

As the writer of this article, I'd like to take a moment to shine light on the incredible support QED have offered me over the past 4 years. In January 2017, I started the business as a Marketing Apprentice after studying A-Levels. From the get-go, QED trusted me in my role. They gave me responsibility over the social media channels, editorial writing, the blog, video editing, digital design – they let my creativity run wild with no leash. This is the sort of trust young people need in business: the opportunity to showcase what skills and talents they can truly bring to a business, propped up by the business's unending support and willingness to help us apprentices learn.

In August 2018, I made the decision to return to University full time to take on the challenge of self-employment. Even after my apprenticeship, QED were like my second family. They supported me, offered self-employment advice and asked if I'd like to work flexibly for them once a week alongside my studies!

Fast forward to the present day–February 2021–and the company remains a huge cheerleader for my future aspirations and goals. Makeup artist, blogger, writer, marketeer–whatever career I decide, QED are always there supporting me. I know for sure that this support is the main reason I've just accepted a full-time role with them for after University.

MEET JACK - technical support apprentice

"I study BSc Digital and Technology Solutions at the University of Central Lancashire. This degree covers a variety of topics within Technology as an industry but focuses specifically on Systems Analysis and Design, Programming and Databases.
At QED, I use these skills to better develop internal systems for more efficient business processes. I design and create bespoke software solutions within QED's ERP system and create business analysis and reports from QED's extensive database.

QED have helped me acquire the skills I need to develop as a businessperson and supported me throughout my degree apprentice journey; offering plentiful advice from project ideas to applying academic knowledge in the real world."

MEET IASMINA - business admin apprentice

"Ever since childhood, I have always been a hands-on person, with the thought of sitting down for hours on end never appealing to me. However, I looked into apprenticeships at Preston College and knew immediately this provided everything I wanted in terms of education blended with hands-on learning.

I did try college for a year. I just knew it wasn't for me; even though I tried really hard to endure it. What made things worse for me was lockdown, however, I do believe this helped me realise sitting for hours doing online lessons just wasn't right for me. So, I left college and began my hunt for an apprenticeship, knowing full well that's what I wished to do!

QED have helped me in many aspects such as adapting into adult life after education, evolving my communication skills and encouraging me to come out of my shell and meet new people. It takes me a while to get out of my shy stage but working at QED has already started to bring out the best of my bubbly personality."

MEET JOEL - warehouse assistant apprentice

"University was never something that interested me; so, I started at QED as a Sales Administrator Apprentice in 2016. I wanted to work and having the opportunity to learn simultaneously alongside work was the perfect opportunity for me.

I may have started my career at QED in Sales, but their constant support and encouragement when it came to discovering what I love most allowed me to find my feet in the Warehouse team where I am now a full-time Warehouse assistant. I'm big on progression; continuing to learn about warehouse operations and logistics. I'm currently a part of updating the bar-coding system in the warehouse which will help streamline our operations, improve efficiency and benefit the customer massively."

Extraordinary Features of UNV PRIME 2 Series

QED distributes Uniview, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions including the PRIME ? series.

One of the main features is the LightHunter technology – literally you can see in the dark! When you combine LightHunter technology and 4MP camera resolution you can achieve outstanding image quality at low light.

Day & Night images in Colour

All of products in PRIME ? deliver 4MP@30fps high resolution and support 120dB WDR, which gives you a superb high-quality image in the daytime. Meanwhile, empowered by Uniview LightHunter technology you see colourful and sharp images even at the lowest light conditions. The cameras also support U-code smart code which enhances bandwidth performance and lowers the data storage requirements.

Compared to the normal sensor, these new products are equipped with the BSI (backside illumination) CMOS sensor, which increases the light utilisation. As we know, the more light that enters into sensor, the brighter image an IP camera can produce. The vari-focal IP cameras come with built-in F1.35 iris lens to raise the brightness level. In addition to all this the built-in high transmitted lens improves the light transmittance up to 36%. In summary, you will receive a clear, sharp full colour image even in very low light conditions.
Recently high resolution has become the trend of video surveillance. However, as we all know, with the increase of pixels, the light-sensing area of each pixel decreases with the same size of sensor. However, Uniview’s new generation of LightHunter products include 4MP IP cameras, enabling higher resolution with excellent colourful images in ultra-low light.

Star Products

UNV 4MP LightHunter products are available in a bullet, IK10 dome and turret design and each of them contains fixed and vari-focal IP cameras. All of them support Waterproof IP67, the vari-focal cameras are also with built-in F1.35 iris to ensure the image colourful in ultra-low light. The motorised lens is customised from 2.7 to 13.5mm.

Call our friendly and professional team on 01772 336 111.

QED are “Snooker Loopy”!

This is a first for Quality Essential Distribution (QED), specialist security distributors, who are sponsoring World ranked snooker professional Alexander Ursenbacher in this week’s Scottish Open. Alex’s opening round opponent is the current world number one player Judd Trump, he will be proudly wearing the SpiderEx logo during this match which will be shown live on British Eurosport at 1pm this afternoon.

Tackling the World’s premier cueist may look like a daunting task to many, but Alex is no stranger to beating the very best on the big stage. Just last week Alex produced an outstanding performance to oust Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-5, live on BBC TV, to reach the last 32 of the UK Championships, this was the second time that Alex had beaten O’Sullivan in front of the TV cameras in as many meetings after showing the 6 time and current World champion the door at the Welsh Open back in February.

Alex is the first player from Switzerland to break into the professional ranks and also made his debut earlier this year at the Crucible Theatre in the World Championships.

SpiderEx is the brand sponsoring Alex and it’s manufactured and distributed by QED.
Alex Ursenbacher recently tweeted photos of his newly branded shirt and said “Thank you so much SpiderEx for the big help for my next event, I can’t wait to play tomorrow! I’m grateful for the sponsorship and your very generous support”

Ian Smith, Sales Director said “Alex is an amazing young player and we’re delighted to be supporting such a young snooker talent. SpiderEx is a unique brand and we thought it would be perfect for this opportunity and if you know anyone with a spider phobia it’s a great unusual gift for Christmas!”


SpiderEx is well known in the security industry as it stops spiders from nesting around CCTV cameras and repels spiders from anywhere you spray it. Customers rate it 5 stars and reviews say “A must for people like me who are terrified o spiders. It definitely works.” “Really pleased I found it and don’t every want to be without it. I am far more relaxed in my home knowing it’s doing its job” and “best repellent on the market and I’ve tried pretty much all! Believe me”.

SpiderEx has been independently rated 9.2/10 UK Repellent Guide, 4.2/5 Amazon and 9/10 by Professional Security Installers (PSI) Magazine.
Five things to consider when installing an effective hand sanitisation station

Given that provision of hand sanitisation is worthwhile, and is likely to become a long-term measure, how do you know if your hand sanitisation system is fully effective?

Bearing in mind that the aim is to minimise the risk of any virus entering and then spreading throughout your building, what does an effective system look like? If you are responsible for managing your business’s hand hygiene systems, here are five key factors to consider:

1. How robust is your dispenser?

Whatever mechanism you use to dispense sanitiser, it is important that it is strong enough to withstand the volume of doses it will need to make – this can often be underestimated! There are many rudimentary pump systems out there that are just not up to the job. Unless you have a replacement for a faulty dispenser immediately to hand, there will inevitably be a period of time when there is no provision and protection is compromised.
2. Is your system touch-free?
Multiple numbers of potentially infected fingers placed on a pump dispenser one after the other makes having a hand sanitiser ultimately futile. Touch-free systems will significantly cut down the risk of infection and really should be the only method used.

3. What happens when your sanitiser liquid runs out?

Most systems require somebody to closely monitor when sanitiser liquid is about to run out and is tasked with replenishing or replacing with more liquid. For unmanned dispensers, users will all too frequently not bother notify somebody when a replacement is required but instead go ahead and enter a space without cleansing. A connected, automated sanitisation system that notifies those responsible when liquid levels are low are the most effective way to ensure a seamless, continuous supply of sanitiser.

It is also important to be realistic about the volume of sanitiser that you are likely to require in the first place. Choosing a sanitiser system with a large enough volume reservoir will help ensure that you can replenish with minimal disruption.

4. Can users choose whether to sanitise or not?

Our busy lives, and simple human nature dictates that unless we are compelled do something we invariably go for the path of least resistance! A recent anecdotal observation outside our nation’s largest DIY retailer revealed that in a 10-minute timeslot, all twenty customers that walked into the store, completely ignored the sanitiser pump located next to the door. Mandatory sanitising units integrated to building entry systems, where access is denied if hands are not sanitised, are by far the best way to ensure that every entrant has effectively cleansed hands.

5. Is your sanitiser secure?

It is a sad fact that unsupervised sanitiser systems in public spaces such as shopping centres and playgrounds, can be subject to vandalism and theft. In these environments, it is important to ensure that your units include a secure space for the sanitiser liquid. The ideal system would include a separate lockable area to house the sanitiser.

Some related facts about Steriloc Hand Sanitisation Units:
• Under stress test conditions the Steriloc dispensing system continues to work well for over 1 million dispenses
• Generous reservoirs minimise the need for sanitiser replenishment with most units capable of dosing 25,000 dispenses between refills
• All but the Steriloc Shield are data enabled for ‘low-sanitiser’ alerts
• All units are touch-free
• All units can be seamlessly integrated with most door access systems
• All units have lockable sanitiser reservoirs

Credited to the Author: M. Girdwood on behalf of Steriloc Ltd.

For more information or a quote on Steriloc Products contact:
Quality Essential Distribution Ltd
Tel: 01772 336 111
How Using an IP Masthead Receiver makes the Reporting of Incidents Simpler

In this post COVID world, the requirement for intuitive IP connectivity is more important than ever. Genesis wireless and hard wired PIR detectors are widely used across the UK and Europe working with CCTV to protect a host of sites and properties. Adding an IP masthead receiver (LGIPMT434) gives the end-user or monitoring station a simple and transparent delivery of alerts. A wide range of additional functionality is immediately available enabling you to offer the best possible security solution to your end-user.

The IP masthead enables local plug-and-play connectivity to a wide range of popular NVRs and DVRs including Hikvision, Dahua and Concept Pro. Compatible with Immix software, the IP masthead allows the monitoring station to receive alerts for tampers (including cloaking), alarms, low battery and missing calls.

The transmission range of the weatherproof masthead is 1km line of sight which can be extended using an external aerial. Up to 64 units can report using the IP masthead including detectors, heat and smoke sensors, remote Genesis keypads and key fobs.

In the case of heat and smoke sensors, any activation will be reported via the IP masthead to the monitoring station to quickly establish the location of the event. When the Genesis keypad (LGKSQ) or key fob (LGKF4) are used to remotely arm or disarm a site this is also reported via the IP masthead so there is a clear audit trail.

For more information on Genesis IP connectivity options please contact or call us on 01772 336 111.
You can Literally see in the Dark with Uniview Starlight Technology

Another successful installation for GalloGlas Group who installed a state-of-the-art security system, fit for purpose, for Jas P Wilson Forest Machines at their 20,000 square metre base in Dalbeattie.

GalloGlas Security Solutions (GalloGlas CCTV and Alarm Systems), which is part of the GalloGlas Group were commissioned after a detailed consultation.

GalloGlas, as the major reseller of QED (Quality Essential Distribution Ltd) in the South of Scotland designed a bespoke system alongside QED Engineers to ensure every box was ticked.

Exceptional Image as Super Low Illumination

The main goal of video surveillance is to see clearly anytime, anywhere. GalloGlas decided to use Uniview bespoke Starlight technology which has exceptional image quality at super low illumination giving the team at Jas P Wilson clear images during the day and night for both static and moving scene. The Starlight Technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid colour, high definition, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light.

Jas P Wilson, Managing Director, Billy Wilson said, “It was an easy decision to make after seeing the demonstration of the UniView IP Starlight camera system, the team can now literally see in the dark!”

GalloGlas MD, Richie Nicoll says “Uniview was the obvious choice for this installation with exceptional ultra-smart technology and the Starlight feature it delivers a superior user experience. It’s an all in one solution for this type of surveillance project where security and safety are paramount.”
New Product Development Director appointed at Quality Essential Distribution

Specialist Security Distributor, Quality Essential Distribution (QED), has appointed Steve Constantine as Product Development Director, Steve previously held the role of Technical Director at QED.
This news comes shortly after the appointment of Matt Philp to Managing Director in October.
Matt Philp, Managing Director said “Steve is the right person for this role with his extensive technical experience and product knowledge. His skills will help us strengthen and grow the product portfolio and develop our technical and training service which is a highly professional service offered to all our customers.
It’s been a challenging year for every business sector, including security, and like everyone we have looked closely at business operations. We have continued to improve internal systems and processes, make efficiency savings and review staffing levels. Ultimately, customers come first and this key position within the business will enable us to source and deliver high-quality products to match with what the customer needs and the support services they deserve. Steve’s appointment will help us move forward with our ambitious plans for the business with his focus on building a strong product portfolio and keeping abreast of new emerging technology in this field.”
Steve Constantine, Product Development Director said “I’m delighted to accept this position and excited to meet the challenges ahead. As a business, we remain committed to offering the best customer service and my technical background and product knowledge will definitely help us maintain the high standards and quality product offer our customers have come to expect from the QED team.”
Steve has hit the ground running and has already filmed several product video’s and held high level discussions with suppliers. Watch this space for more news from QED in the next few months.
Burglars take advantage of darker nights – CCTV will deter them

The dark nights are creeping closer and more burglaries are being reported. The Halifax reported a 35% increase in claims for forced burglaries in the darker months of last year compared to summertime.

In fact, The Independent reported Aviva’s home insurance claims for theft rose by 115 per cent on Bonfire Night alone in 2018 compared with typical days, not least because so many of us leave our homes to attend parties.

We recommend contacting your customer and advising them to check windows and doors before leaving their homes or businesses and asking them to update or install CCTV security cameras as this is one of the best ways to deter burglars. Opportunistic burglars will be put off when they see cameras outside any home or business premises, and it will drive them away.

Construction sites are a prime target, make sure your customers sites are protected.

You will see footage on the news and social media of burglars being caught in the act because a CCTV system recorded them during a break in. And who wants to be caught on camera?

For some premises a wireless PIR system will be great, for example, in void properties and you can also install sensors or floodlights with motion detection.

If you want to protect your customers with reliable security solutions contact us today and we will have the perfect solution for any security install.
New Managing Director appointed at Quality Essential Distribution

Specialist Security Distributor, Quality Essential Distribution (QED), has appointed Matt Philp as Managing Director. Matt previously held the role of Product Development Director and for over 20 years he has been at the forefront of the company’s product and technology development.

Dave Arrowsmith and Ian Smith, Joint Owners, said “we are delighted to announce Matt as the new Managing Director of QED. This appointment reflects a newfound vision and our commitment to customer service, which is the most important part of our business.

Reflecting on his appointment, Matt Philp said, “I am very excited at the prospect of leading QED as it continues to grow. Our secret has been to put the customer first, the quality of our before and after-sales service and an unwavering determination to satisfy our customers’ demands.

Allied to this is our dedicated team of experienced professionals, and a commitment to deliver responsive and reliable services. As we grow and evolve, we will continue to improve operations and our commitment to ISO which reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality products and services.”

Matt will “hit the ground running” in this position, with ambitious plans to expand the product portfolio, launch a new corporate identity and drive the business forward in these unusual times.
Mentoring locks in strong growth for security firm

A South Ribble-based commercial security firm hopes to more than double both staff and turnover after receiving mentoring support from Boost, Lancashire Business Growth Hub.

Quality Essential Distribution aims to increase its team in all areas of the business, reach new markets and more than double turnover over the next five years.

Boost’s Growth Mentoring programme helped QED’s newly promoted operations manager Hannah Whittle learn how to delegate and manage the operational side of the business, improving profitability.

Hannah said: “The mentoring experience was very constructive. It was great to receive a third-party perspective on the business and my role within it.

“My mentor Julie has been such an inspiration for me. It’s been invaluable to have someone like her to talk to, as she is another successful woman in business who I can look up to.”

Established in 1997, QED supplies and distributes security products for the commercial sector and offers security surveillance solutions and support.

After significant growth and a need to streamline processes, QED’s product development director, Matt Philp, promoted Hannah to operations manager to develop and manage the KPIs for the firm’s key business functions. She was previously PA in the business.

Matt heard about Boost after meeting an adviser from Orvia at a networking event. After attending a Boost business review meeting to discuss his growth aspirations, he put Hannah forward to receive support through the Growth Mentoring programme to help her in her new role.

Boost is Lancashire's Business Growth Hub and is led by the Lancashire LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) and Lancashire County Council and supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Hannah was matched with mentor Julie Brotherton, a specialist in leadership, people development and team building.

Hannah was tasked with reviewing QED’s processes to improve productivity and subsequently make the firm more profitable.

As a line manager, Hannah initially found it difficult to manage colleagues that she had previously worked alongside. Mentoring helped Hannah to overcome these hurdles and grow into a position of leadership.

Julie said: “Hannah had worked as a PA to the directors at QED for many years. She now oversees many departments including, purchasing, warehouse, sales administration and order processing. Although very capable of carrying out her new role, she just lacked the experience to manage people.”

Julie worked alongside Hannah to build her confidence and develop her leadership skills. They also worked on how to motivate and encourage people and build a sense of accountability within their roles.

“It was fantastic to see Hannah’s confidence grow over the mentoring sessions. I am sure she will continue to be an asset to QED.”

Hannah’s line director Matt Philp added: “After the first two mentoring sessions, I noticed a significant change in Hannah, and how she was managing the team in her new role. Putting her forward to receive the mentoring has certainly proven to be beneficial for Hannah but for QED too.”

Hannah is now introducing new systems and procedures to improve efficiency. She has also increased transparency across the teams and communication between departments.

She said: “Julie’s input was unbiased and objective, she was practically ‘stepping into the role’ for me. It gave me great confidence.”

QED has since experienced a growth in enquiries, leading to an increase in sales. Hannah has recently recruited two new team members in sales order processing and sales administration. The firm is also seeking to secure additional office and storage space to support the growth.

Ann Lancaster, operations manager at Orvia said: “It’s great to see that after meeting Matt at a networking meeting that QED decided to join the Growth Mentoring programme. Hannah has found the mentoring experience with Julie so valuable. It has helped her to greatly improve confidence and to the growth of the company.”

Boost has received £3.8m of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is the Managing Authority for ERDF. Established by the European Union, ERDF funds help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support innovation, businesses, create jobs and local community regenerations. For more information visit
Quality Essential Distribution announces new strategic partnership with Tenda Technology

Quality Essential Distribution announce its latest partnership with the leading supplier of networking devices, Tenda Technology. This strategic partnership secures QED as the sole distributor of Tenda products for the IPCCTV market in the UK.

Ian Smith, Quality Essential Distribution, Sales Director, said:
“We’re delighted to announce this partnership with Tenda who are recognised as a leading supplier of networking devices. We have the same core values and plans for growth which is the basis for any successful partnership. More importantly, we believe customers will reap the biggest benefit as we will offer a high-performance networking solution at a competitive price.”

Andrew Woolhead, Tenda, Corporate Business Development Director, said:
“This partnership agreement between Tenda and Quality Essential Distribution opens up a whole new route-to-market for the Tenda SMB portfolio for 2020 and beyond. Their expertise and reach within the diverse Security Channel coupled with their extensive installer and wholesaler relationships makes QED the perfect Distribution Partner for Tenda within the IPCCTV market.”

At the start of this new decade all predictions confirm in the next 5-10 years the CCTV market will continue to grow at a rapid rate. More and more homeowners are investing in CCTV home security and businesses will continue to invest in more sophisticated IPCCTV solutions.
Security for vacant venues

The construction and hospitality sector is taking a huge battering due to the COVID-19 pandemic with construction projects on hold and almost 40,000 pubs, bars and restaurants standing empty. This is a major concern for developers, owners, breweries and councils. Whilst many chains will have security solutions in place, sites and hospitality venues that are looking for an inexpensive but effective security solution.

Construction sites, empty pubs, bars and restaurants are an easy target for thieves and a quick internet search throws up a host of sad stories of theft, criminal damage and arson. Many of the affected properties will have power restrictions meaning traditional CCTV cannot be used. OCULi is not a replacement for CCTV but it will alert the end user to movement events within the property. It requires no power or wi-fi, simply a decent 3G signal. The unit is powered by two lithium D cell batteries or there is a solar option available. When the unit’s PIR detects movement it immediately starts filming and will send a short clip to a mobile phone, alarm monitoring station or the OCULi portal so that a quick and appropriate response can be deployed to site.

Crucially, OCULi units can work with a horn speaker to provide speaker functionality so that a live voice challenge can be made. In Stay Online mode a message written to the unit’s SD card can play on each detection event. With insurance claims from this sector on the increase, demonstrating the implementation of detection equipment, even if it can’t be a full CCTV system, will be a contributory factor in reducing future insurance premiums.

Quality Essential Distribution Group launch class leading Uniview CCTV and IP security lines to the UK market.

Preston based security and technology specialists, Quality Essential Distribution Group, have secured a partnership with Chinese CCTV and IP security manufacturer, Uniview. The partnership places Lancashire at the cutting edge of security technology with the firm becoming part of a select number of authorised stockists worldwide and exclusive distributors of the Uniview Easy range in the UK.

Matt Philp, Quality Essential Distribution, Product Development Director said:

“It’s both an exciting and a critical time for security at the moment, technology is developing quickly and advanced features such as face recognition have become more accessible and at the same time more necessary. Partnering with one of the global leaders in the industry is a proud moment for us. The range has a really high-quality look and feel. Image quality is incredible, and the product has the competitive ability to be able to compete with the leading brands on cost, without compromising functionality or build quality.”

The arrival of Uniview at Quality Essential Distribution comes shortly after their recent partnership with IndigoVision and the official opening of their new showroom, based at their Walton Summit HQ, where, for the first time, CCTV installers and security personnel can experience the IP products in situ, and business owners can get bespoke, face to face IP security system modelling and advice.


Catherine Seddon, Marketing and Comms Manager, QED Ltd.
Tel: 01772 336111 Email:

Matt Philp is available for further comment via

QED Group can be found online at

The full Uniview product line being stocked by QED Group, can be found online at
QED Group and showroom are based at Unit 445 Oakshott Place, Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AT

Uniview (UNV) has been one of the world’s leading IP surveillance manufacturers for over a decade. One of the top 3 manufacturers of IP security solutions globally they operate in over 150 countries. Their security products are feature-rich, well-constructed, and available at costs to suit all budgets.
The Uniview family combined with cross range features like plug and play installation, a wide number of fitting options, low failure rates (less than 1%), plus seriously impressive feature sets makes it a smart choice for sole traders, professional installation firms, and consultants alike.
Until next year, UKCW! 2017

Energy 2017: Q&A

Following on from the show, we interviewed QED Product Development Director, Matt Philp. Matt shares details of the show such as how we found our first ever exhibition and what we will do differently next year!

Have you exhibited before?

No, this was our first time at UKCW. As a distributor of CCTV products, our target audience is usually security installers. We previously didn’t think that UKCW was best for our product set. However, this changed this year as we launched our new ‘EV – Energy Vault’, which fitted into the energy sector perfectly.

The Energy Vault (EV) eliminates the need for a UPS as it provides power throughout the day instead of just during power outages. In fact, our own tests have proven that the EV can supply 96 cameras for 19 hours; then fully charge back to 100% capacity within 5 hours. All whilst requiring 60% less rack space and no maintenance requirements.

What made you choose Energy 2017?

We chose Energy 2017 because the NEC is in a great location where many companies commute from all over the country. Birmingham itself is within 3 hours of travelling for majority of the UK – whether that be by train or car. As a first-time exhibitor based in Preston, the NEC was close enough for members of our team to visit and help out.

How did you find your first exhibition experience?

As a first show, we set realistic targets of success. We achieved this early on the first day and it was overwhelming how well our product was received. The standard of clientele was outstanding, with a constant flow of visitors to the stand. Lots of people participated in our competition too, which is always a bit of fun for everyone.

Is there anything you would do differently?

To be totally honest, we were slightly naïve this year. As you know, we’ve never exhibited before and so we're still learning. We seemed to believe two people could set up the stand, be on the stand for all three days, take it down and load it into the van! At Energy 2018, we will organise the van-to-stand process better to make sure it is less labour intensive. Next year, we will also take advantage of the scanners which allow you to record other people’s badge information.

What are you going to do post-exhibition?

We will announce the winner of the drone competition and spread the word on our social media. We will also follow up the many leads and contacts who demonstrated interest in the product; including several consultants that committed to the EV system.

Will you be exhibiting again next year?

Yes. We have in fact already booked our exhibition space. We have started to improve our stand with larger exhibiting area and a bigger stand too. Next year, we will include more members of the QED team to help with the demand.
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