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The Glass Man

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01698 334646
Alex Simpson
678 Glasgow Road
County Lanarkshire

About The Glass Man

The Glass Man is a family-owned glazing company, which has been established for over 17 years. Based in Lanarkshire, Central Scotland the business is owned and run by Janette and Alex Simpson.

The Glass Man glazing company offers many glazier services including:
  • Infinity Glass Corner Units
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Regulation 14 Assessments
  • Double Glazed Units
  • Mirrors
  • Glass Embossing
  • Safety Glass & Security Glass
  • Secondary Glazing
  • Toughened Glass Assemblies
  • Shop-front Glazing
  • U.V. Bonding

All work is carried out by our own team of trained fitters to ensure a quality service from start to finish and all work is guaranteed by the Glass Man glazing company.

Our large showroom has a wide range of glassware, including mirrors, glass furniture and crystal gifts on display.

Double Glazing Units
Double glazing will give better thermal insulation than single glazing. The dry, still air between the two sheets of glass improves the thermal insulation. Heat exchange by convection is reduced and the low thermal conductivity of the still air limits heat loss by conduction.

The units can be constructed with a non – rigid silicone foam based black spacer as narrow as 4mm where the overall size does not exceed 600mm x 600mm. The sightline is 8mm from the edge of the glass to the top of the spacer. A clearance for glazing must have already been allowed when submitting your order.

Toughened Glass
The nature of the toughening process, heating the glass to approximately 700 degrees centigrade and cooling rapidly whilst the heated glass is rolled over a series of rollers, induces bow into the glass. This is an inevitable part of the process and is unpredictable, being dependent on a combination of factors and the type of furnace being used. If you require the full technical details of bowing during the toughening process, please contact us to request a full copy of the standard.

Fire Resistant Glazing
Fire resistant glass is used to stop the spread of fire throughout the building in the event of fire through doors and glazed screens.

The Architect, Specifier, or Building Control, will specify the type of fire resistant glazing required in the part of the building needing protection.

Infinity Glass Corner
“By means of glass, then the first great integrity may find prime means of resolution. Open reaches of ground may enter as the building and the building interior may reach out and associate with these vistas of the ground.”

“It is the most humanly intimate of all materials. Man loves his association with it, likes to feel it under his hand, sympathetic to his touch and to his eye. Wood is universally beautiful to Man.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Timber Windows
Our timber windows and doors are mainly exported to countries that often suffer from harsh weather, i.e. Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Holland and the UK. We have established a unique reputation with value for money and active participation in the building industry.


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