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Phil Woodward
Unit 8, Rosewood Business Park
County Essex
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About Woodwood (Group) Ltd

Woodwood Group have selected high performance products to meet and exceed the expectations of specifiers and end users.

Working with you from project inception through to completion.

Acoustic Lighting
One of the principles behind all of Caruso’s production experience is the synergy between acoustics and lighting. The integration of LED lighting systems into sound-absorbing panels is a highly interesting specification which Caruso Acoustic has been able to achieve. An essential requirement of all our applications is that they guarantee the correct light output through lighting technology analysis so we can best interpret the angle of the beam of light.

The advantages of LED lighting include:
  • Energy efficiency, since they last longer than traditional lights and consume less energy, which helps reduce costs
  • Shock, thermal shock, moisture and vibration resistance thanks to their low voltage
  • The cleanliness of the light (LED lights do not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation and are flicker-free)
  • The versatility of the light in creating lighting scenarios depending on the different requirements and environments
  • The option of adjusting the intensity of the beam of light (dimmer)
Acoustic Solutions
Caruso sound-absorbing products designed to correct and improve the acoustic comfort of every room.

With our flexible solutions we are able to adapt our products to the specific acoustic requirements of various venues, creating unique and highly effective applications.
  • Sound-absorbing ceiling panels & cubes
    Two fixing methods available: fixed to the ceiling on tracks with made-to-measure bars, or suspended from the ceiling on adjustable cables.

  • Sound-absorbing wall panels
    Fixed to the walls on tracks with made-to-measure bars.

  • Sound-absorbing floor panels & elements
    For solutions that can be placed on the floor.

  • Sound-absorbing desk panels
    The Scriba Sound-absorbing desk panel designed for easy installation on horizontal surfaces, using the dedicated fixing system, or on free standing foot mount.
LAMM Seating Sytems for conference, auditorium, education and public spaces. 100% made in Italy to the highest standards. LAMM has produced and installed seating systems for conference rooms, auditoriums, universities, cinemas, theatres and community facilities throughout the world since 1959.
  • Conference
    Comfort, ergonomics and flexibility are the strong points of LAMM offer, which transforms reception and communication areas such as cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, conference halls and multipurpose places into dynamic and modular spaces with prestigious compositions: armchairs and seats of iconic design, foldaway and telescopic grandstand systems in a wide range of standard products and custom-made solutions.

  • Education
    The great design ability gained by LAMM and expressed in prestigious international installations takes shape through Education standard collections and custom-made solutions. The products of this collection are university study benches characterised by an elegant design and innovative solutions, completed by exclusive raised platforms and fixed grandstands with great attention to ergonomics, flexibility of use, safety and durability.

  • Public
    A full range of multi-purpose chairs, armchairs and sofas for waiting rooms, stackable stools and chairs, packable folding armchairs as well as beam-mounted seating systems and folding tables can satisfy the most diversified demand in the field of public and private multipurpose spaces, reception, catering and leisure areas, and work places, combining performance with design through rational and unique solutions.

Woodwood Group is delighted to represent LAMM Seating Systems in the UK.


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