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Northern Ireland
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About Moore Concrete Products Ltd

Moore Concrete Products Ltd. supplies high quality precast products to the civil engineering, building and agricultural sectors. Moore Concrete have been involved in numerous prestigious award winning projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Ethos
Drawing on 40 years experience, coupled with an ethos of continued investment the company has grown into a leading precaster with a reputation for innovation, dependability, quality and product development. Moore Concrete adopts a customer-led strategy, working closely with contractors, farmers and local universities, to ensure innovation is used to provide customers with the best solutions possible for their particular requirements.

'Our aim and mission is to provide our customers with quality precast solutions'

Reviews & Testimonials for Moore Concrete Products Ltd

5 star review
September 13, 2017
I just wanted to send a note to say how pleased I was with how the culvert job. All parties concerned were kept up to date from design to delivery/installation, nothing was a problem and I will definitely be keeping Moore Concrete in mind for all future enquiries in which we receive.
Testimonial by
Travis Perkins
5 star review
September 13, 2017
Commented that he was pleased with the finish of the sills and the flexibility of the service when it came to deliveries.
Testimonial by
Paul Graham - New Build
5 star review
September 13, 2017
The culverts look great, thanks for your help.
Testimonial by
Transport NI
5 star review
September 12, 2017
"Robert mentioned that he was at the job where Willie Smith got the panels last month He says they are a great panel, he said ’your panels are streets ahead of all other panels’.
Testimonial by
Paul Harrison
5 star review
September 12, 2017
'Very pleased with our recent delivery of your freestanding grain walling. Doing an excellent job of creating a bunker for the grain drier to unload into, and keeping back 300 tonnes of barley too!!'
Testimonial by
Thomas Collins
Moore Concrete Products Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.



Milford on Sea Concrete Beach Huts

After the original terrace and beach huts at Milford on Sea where severely damaged during a huge storm that hit the coast on St Valentine’s Day 2014, New Forest Council embarked on a project to replace the original promenade and 119 beach huts.
The brief required the replacement beach huts to be able to withstand a 1 in 200 year storm event on the same location. The finished project is great example of a design which is habitable, aesthetically stunning, in keeping with its surroundings, whilst providing a robust sea defence in the age of continuously developing climate change.
Ramboll UK led the design development of the scheme with the assistance of Snug Architects, using precast concrete C sections to form the body of the huts designed to withstand the worse anticipated storms. Raymond Brown Construction Ltd commenced the £2.36m project on site in Sept 2016 completing in June 2017. Raymond Brown appointed Moore Concrete to provide all the precast elements of this project.
Raymond Brown Regional Director Kevin Valentine said “It has been a pleasure to work with New Forest District Council and all the partners on this project, which is so significant to the local area. Our team has worked diligently to deliver the scheme in time for the summer season and fully in line with expectations. I know we are all proud of the end result and hope the community and visitors alike will enjoy the new facilities”
The overall design of the beach huts were softened using an attractive range of vibrant colours chosen by hut owners for their doors, coupled with precast concrete front panels using a number of coastal inspired local designs incorporated by Moore Concrete within the manufacturing process. Individual numbers were also incorporated into these panels during the manufacture process creating a bespoke decorative panel for each hut.
The new project design created a walkway along the top of the beach huts with bridges connecting each of the 4 sections of the promenade, enabling people to walk the full length and enjoy the specular views of the Solent from an uninterrupted elevated position.
At the end of the beach hut terrace sections, a bespoke piece of public art was created using flotsam and jetson collected from the beach. Once arranged by a local artist they were cast to create a Reckli form work liner, Moore Concrete used these to create these textured concrete designed panels leading from the precast concrete steps down to the seafront promenade.
Milford-on-Sea Beach Huts have been shortlisted for a flurry of awards. These include:
Institute of Civil Engineers Innovation Award Best Infrastructure Project South Award for Engineering Excellence
South Coast Property Awards Regeneration Project of the Year
Photographs courtesy of Martin Gardner Photographer
ECOncrete® Bio Active Living Wall Decreasing the Ecological Footprint of Urban Development

ECOncrete®’s Bio-Active Wall Installation at the Azouri Eco-Tower (Tel Aviv, Israel) contributed to the buildings LEED innovation points and was the first Israeli office building to receive a Gold LEED certificate. LEED is a global standard rating system for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design. On this project approximately a month after planting, the wall started developing noticeable plant coverage. As little as three months post planting mosses started colonising the wall, covering between a few centimetres to over half the tile surface in certain cases. Based on research findings from this project and other prior installations ECOncrete®’s has been able to evaluate its role in deceasing the ecological footprint of urban environment by;
• Promoting high plant diversity and coverage on the structures façade
• Contributing to air quality through oxygen production of enhanced plant coverage
• Increasing energy efficiency of the structures envelope
• Absorption and reduction of atmospheric CO2
• Acting as a passive acoustic insulation
• Enhanced foliage cover serves to absorb solar radiation
• High foliage cover captures pollutants from the air
• Increasing the overall aesthetics of the structure.
Standard and pocket tiles are 30cm’s square, although dimensions can be adjusted to meet the needs of specific projects.
For additional information please see or contract us directly at Moore Concrete Products Ltd on 028 2565 2566 or by email at
Induce natural growth without elaborate soil or watering systems using ECOncrete® Bio Active Living Wall.

Urban sprawl calls for innovative green solutions that reduce the ecological footprint of concrete based infrastructure. Typical green roofs or green walls systems usually demand elaborate soil and watering system, however this is not the case in ECOncrete® Bio Active concrete wall tile design, that has a bio-enhanced substrate that supports the growth of mosses, lichens and climbing vegetation and doubles as a highly aesthetic decorate façade.

The innovative ECOncrete®Bio Active wall tiles differ from standard concrete units on three levels; concrete chemistry, surface rugosity and 3D macro complexity. These three elements work in synergy to mimic the features of natural surfaces thus enhancing the walls ability to support rich flora of plants that require little or no soil. ECOncrete®’s unique Bio Active wall mix is tailored to keep the pH of water encountering the surface low, as opposed to the highly alkaline pH of water accumulated on standard concrete. The high surface rugosity, and the unique 3D design includes micro pores, rugged textures, and varying elevations, increase the walls ability to capture water and moisture, thus further contributing to flora growth as well as increasing their ability to effectively latch onto the wall surface.

ECOncrete®Bio Active wall tiles were used in the construction of a biological pond and fountain at the BIG commercial centre (Ashdod Israel). This installation demonstrated the ability of the tiles to receive rich and diverse foliage, mimicking natural waterfall/spring plant life in an urban setting.

For additional information please see or contract us directly at Moore Concrete Products Ltd on 028 2565 2566 or by email at
Hydro Power - Precast Concrete Perfect Solution

The Scottish Government is committed to making Scotland a Hydro Nation. It recognises that the country’s water resource is significant and, in a world demanding more food and water, there is good reason to nurture it for long term sustainable use.
Accordingly, water is of fundamental importance for Scotland’s economy, health, social wellbeing and environment. It is universally recognised that the hydro-economy provides huge opportunities for Scotland. This will be achieved through the economic development and good stewardship of Scotland’s abundant water resources.
The Scottish Government has agreed to support the development of the country’s hydro economy and the enormous potential that this brings. And, in this context, three main drivers have been identified.
The first of these is the utilisation of Scottish expertise to maximise the economic benefit of abundant water resources within a sound ecological context. This will be achieved by reducing energy use, improving efficiency and creating a low carbon water nation. Secondly, Scotland will raise its international profile as an international leader on water management and governance: in other words the country will become the first Hydro. Overarching these core objectives will be the development of a water centre of expertise and research with international reach.
For its part Green Highland Renewables has been developing a number of run-of-river hydro schemes since 2007. These have been developed in partnership with a number of ‘blue chip’ organisations, such as the Forestry Commission Scotland. However, the company – which has offices in Perth and Dingwall – has also made a significant investment commitment of its own to the economy of the Highlands’ region. Up to the end of September this year, the business committed £55 million towards an ambitious build programme.

Moreover, the company is on-track to commission ten new hydro schemes across the north of Scotland in the coming months. This brings the company’s total investment since 2010 to over £117 million – the majority of which has been spent in the Highlands’ region.

“We have a full order book for 2017 with more than £40 million planned investment in the pipeline,” says Green Highland Renewables’ Chief Executive Officer Mark Mathieson.

“It is a very exciting place to be, and we are continually innovating in terms of how we deliver schemes. The majority of spend in hydro goes on civil construction, and for us the lion’s share goes to local building firms and contractors,” Mathieson says.
The hydro development service offered by Green Highland Renewables is turn-key in nature: from initial concept through to consent, construction, commissioning and generation. The company has extensive in-house capability covering planning, development, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.
April of 2016 was marked by Green Highland Renewables starting work on two run-of-river hydro schemes in Glen Affric . The projects, c
Textured Concrete Facade Panels show cased in unique London restoration project

A bespoke extension to the gate lodge of Richmond Park Estate at Henley-on Thames is testimony to the unique architectural, engineering and precasting skills now available in Northern Ireland. The privately owned Warren Cottage is a landmark location in the Coombe Wood conservation area of London.
Back in 2012, the team at Kilrea-based McGarry-Moon architects were commissioned to renovate the then dilapidated cottage into a new family home. The end result comprised a total overhaul of the existing structure plus the development of a 176m2 extension. A separate 72m2 garden room was also included in the project brief.
“Our brief was to make what was already on site into a functional family home while adding to the character and heritage of the original building,” confirmed principal architect Steven Moon.
“The project was completed last July, following a two-year construction phase. Our design for the extension centred on the optimal use of glass, in order to capture the maximum amount of light, plus the use of bespoke board marked concrete wall panels.”
According to Steven board-marked concrete is the name for a process of patterning concrete that leaves a wood grain image on the finished face of the concrete. It is a method of construction that is being used more frequently these days because concrete is extremely well-suited as a finished material in modern design, and by imprinting the wood grain on the surface, it visually softens and warms concrete’s somewhat cooler appearance while still allowing concrete to express the construction technique.
“But we did not want to be adding the board marked effect on site. The alternative is to use wall panels that have been made in specific board marked moulds.”
“We had previously worked with the team at Moore Concrete on a number of previous projects. So an initial call was made to Broughshane, to gauge the feasibility of having the Warren Cottage panels fabricated at the company’s factory.”
“I am happy to confirm that the answer secured can be best summarised as a resounding ‘yes’.
According to Steven, there followed an intense period of liaison between the architects involved on the Warren Cottage and the structural engineers at Moore Concrete. This process led to the securing of final agreement on the specification of the wall panels and the actual moulds that should be used.
“Bespoke projects of this nature are very much part and parcel of the service that we offer clients,” confirmed Moore Concrete sales’ manager Richard Whiteside.
“We have our own team of highly specialised structural engineers and designers, who are available to work with architects and the complete range of other clients.
“Precast concrete is fast being recognised as one of the most versatile building products that is now available to architects and designers.
“In the first instance, it allows a high proportion of the structural work associated with any building project to be completed to an exemplary standard off
Concrete Panel Hurling wall proves ‘big hit’ with Ruairí Óg youth teams

Hurling walls are helping to improve the skill levels of young players immeasurably, according to Padraig Groogan, the trainer of the current Ruairí Óg CLG ‘Under 14’ team in Cushendall.
“We invested in the wall almost two years ago. And it is allowing the players hone their skills the year round,” he said.
“They can practise as a team or as individuals. The accompanying flood lights make it possible for the players to practise well into the evening, winter and summer. The ball is always coming back to the players, which means that they can get in the maximum number of touches, catches and strikes within a prescribed period of time.
“So, in a way, the wall becomes their coach.”
He adds:
“Hurling is one of the most skilful games in the world. And hurling walls are helping players of all ages hone the skills they need to an extremely high level. But, above all else, the players get tremendous enjoyment from using the wall.
“The wall is 40m long and 5m high. Each player needs around 2m of space to use the wall. This means that we have ample space for a group of 20, during a team training session.”
Broughshane-based Moore Concrete was selected to manufacture and erect the hurling wall on site: it comprises 32 separate precast concrete panels. The company’s Jeff Haslett takes up the story.
“We manufacture a comprehensive range of panelled wall systems, for use in buildings, silos and, of course hurling walls. We have erected numerous walls for clubs up to this point, including Lavey, Leitrim & Ballygalget” he said.
“The big advantage of using precast panels is the fact that walls can be erected on site, within hours of the panels arriving.
“We are happy to provide a turnkey service, from design through to the actual construction on-site.”
Lottery funding is available for hurling walls. All relevant information can be found by visiting the website:
For further information, contact Moore Concrete on (028) 2565 2566
Moore Concrete Bunker Walls provide the flexible grain storage option

The Kane family grow just over 900ac of combinable crops and grass near Seaforde in Co Down. This year’s enterprise mix comprises winter barley, winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, food grade oats and spring barley. Also included is a smaller acreage of grass ley, which is used to produce silage and hay.
“The winter barley harvest is now complete,” Richard Kane confirmed.
“We grew 250ac of 6-row varieties, including Volume. Yields are down a bit on last year. I put this down to the very dry spell that we had in June. But the performance of the crops was still more than acceptable.
He added:
“The policy on the farm is to dry and store all the grain we produce. This allows us to service feed compounders the year round.
“Thankfully, we have seen a rise in cereal prices in line with the recent devaluation of Sterling against the Euro. Strong prices for straw represent another bonus. This contrasts completely with the situation a couple of years ago when demand for straw was very weak and prices were on the floor.
Richard’s business model brings with it a requirement for high quality storage facilities.
He said:
“Back in 2009, we built a specifically designed store with a capacity to hold 4,500 tonne of grain. But we also needed a system that was sufficiently flexible to allow us to segregate the different cereals grown on the farm.
“At the time we looked at a number of options, including grain bins and bespoke silos. However, we quickly recognised that the most efficient way of meeting our needs was to put the dried cereals onto a concrete floor and then use the bunker walls, manufactured by Moore Concrete, to provide the segregation we required.
“We now have 50 of the precast wall units in the store. Each is free standing but sufficiently heavy to maintain grains in place, even when loaded from the one side only.
“Total storage flexibility is achieved courtesy of each unit being easily moved from one location to another within the store using a forklift, thanks to the built in fork recesses.”
Moore Concrete’s Jeff Haslett was a recent visitor to the Kane Farm. He confirmed the growing demand for the bunker wall system within the arable sector.
“Cereal growers recognise the total flexibility which the system offers, when it comes to storing grain,” he said.
“Each unit is 3m (10’) high and weighs 2.7 tonne, although we manufacture walls up to 4.3m (14’).
“The unique curved shape of the base was designed to allow the free flow of material to the floor.
“There is a 100mm (4’) straight portion at the bottom edge, where the wall meets the floor, to aid the removal of material from the bay.”
Jeff added:
Walls up to 3m in height do not need bolted down when retaining material such as grain, solid fuels, recycling materials, wood chip, potatoes etc.

For further information, telephone Moore Concrete on (028) 2565 2566 Ext 1 or view our website at
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